./databases/p5-MLDBM, Perl5 module for storing arbitrary data in tied hashes

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Branch: pkgsrc-2007Q3, Version: 2.01nb2, Package name: p5-MLDBM-2.01nb2, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

This module can serve as a transparent interface to any TIEHASH package
that is required to store arbitrary perl data, including nested
references. Thus, this module can be used for storing references and
other arbitrary data within DBM databases.

It works by serializing the references in the hash into a single string.
In the underlying TIEHASH package (usually a DBM database), it is this
string that gets stored. When the value is fetched again, the string is
deserialized to reconstruct the data structure into memory.

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SHA1: 01e35634dee973d03a24cc8417587b2fbc5b39d3
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