./graphics/plotutils, Programs and library for plotting scientific data

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Branch: pkgsrc-2007Q3, Version: 2.4.1nb5, Package name: plotutils-2.4.1nb5, Maintainer: dmcmahill

The GNU plotutils package contains programs for plotting scientific data,
and a function library for drawing vector graphics and doing vector graphics
animations. The package includes:
* GNU graph, which does two-dimensional plotting in real time. It's designed
for command-line use, and can be used in shell scripts. It produces output
on an X Window System display, in Illustrator format, in Postscript format,
in PCL 5 format, in HP-GL/2 format, in Fig format (editable with the xfig
drawing editor), in Tektronix format, or in GNU Metafile format. Output in
Postscript format may be edited with the idraw drawing editor.
* GNU plot, which translates GNU Metafile format to any of the other formats.
* GNU tek2plot, for translating legacy Tektronix data to any of the above
* GNU plotfont, for displaying character maps of the fonts that are available
in the above formats.
* GNU spline, which does spline interpolation of data.
* GNU ode, which numerically integrates a system consisting of one or more
ordinary differential equations.

The programs graph, plot, tek2plot, and plotfont are based on GNU libplot, a C
function library for device-independent two-dimensional vector graphics. GNU
libplot is compatible with the traditional Unix libplot library, but is much
more powerful. It is installed as part of the package.

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