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Branch: pkgsrc-2007Q3, Version: 19900813nb1, Package name: xchrono-19900813nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Xchrono is a multi-timezone, multi-face clock program for X Windows.
Several cities have been compiled into xchrono, and can be invoked with
command-line arguments, xchrono -help gives:

Usage: xchrono [-analog] [-bw <pixels>] [-digital]
[-fg <color>] [-bg <color>] [-hd <color>]
[-hl <color>] [-bd <color>]
[-fn <font_name>] [-help] [-padding <pixels>]
[-rv] [-update <seconds>] [-display displayname]
[-geometry geom]
[-width clockWidth] [-height clockHeight] [-local localName]
[-boston] [-newyork] [-chicago] [-denver] [-la]
[-hawaii] [-tokyo] [-sydney] [-london]
[-paris] [-frankfurt] [-rio]

OK, OK, Hawaii isn't a city, but you get the point. The timezones used
are taken from tztab in the SYSV case, and from /usr/lib/zoneinfo
otherwise, and as such may or may not be correct (the TZ variable
definitions or the city->timezone mappings).

The -local <localName> option causes a clock labeled with <localName>
using the value of TZ at startup as its timezone. In addition, a GMT
clock always appears.

Required to build:

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