./chat/dircproxy, Detachable internet relay chat proxy server

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Branch: pkgsrc-2007Q4, Version: 1.0.5nb2, Package name: dircproxy-1.0.5nb2, Maintainer: sb125499

dircproxy is an IRC proxy server ("bouncer") designed for people
who use IRC from lots of different workstations or clients, but wish
to remain connected and see what they missed while they were away.
You connect to IRC through dircproxy, and it keeps you connected to
the server, even after you detach your client from it. While you're
detached, it logs channel and private messages as well as important
events, and when you re-attach it'll let you know what you missed.

This can be used to give you roughly the same functionality as
using ircII and screen together, except you can use whatever IRC
client you like, including X ones!

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