./emulators/dosbox, Multi-platform DOS emulator using SDL

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Branch: pkgsrc-2007Q4, Version: 0.72, Package name: dosbox-0.72, Maintainer: cube

DOSBox is a DOS-emulator using SDL for easy portability to
different platforms, DOSBox has already been ported to
several different platforms, such as Windows, BeOS, Linux,
Mac OS X...

DOSBox emulates a 286/386 realmode CPU, Directory
FileSystem/XMS/EMS, a SoundBlaster card for excellent sound
compatibility with older games...

You can "re-live" the good old days with the help of
DOSBox, it can run plenty of the old classics that don't
run on your new computer !

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SHA1: c49fba00187cd871ffdcbcd87ab82a23ea2d5e7d
RMD160: 2088e9bd633719dedcd2aa7431e45b3c81eaa2ea
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