./filesystems/fuse-lzofs, Filesystem which allows you to use transparently compressed files

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Branch: pkgsrc-2008Q1, Version: 20060306, Package name: fuse-lzofs-20060306, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

LZOlayer File System is a file system which allows you to use transparently
compressed files, just as they would be normal files.

Both read and write operations are possible, along with other most common
system calls. It consumes little memory in my opinion, because files are
divided into blocks, which can be decompressed separately. In other words,
if you (or an application) would like to read byte 4,500,000 in a file
sized 5,000,000 bytes, it only decompresses a block which contain wanted
data. Write operation is based on a packet gathering and after reaching its
limit it 'syncs' the data. It allows it's user to write/modify files pretty
fast, despite the fact it's block divided.

LZOlayer File System was meant to support only LZO compression algorithm,
because it has extremely low compression/decompression time. However,
currently it supports LZO and ZLIB (but only one at the run-time!)
compression algorithms.

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