./math/linpack, Library of linear algebra Fortran routines

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Branch: pkgsrc-2008Q1, Version: 20010510nb1, Package name: linpack-20010510nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

LINPACK is a collection of Fortran subroutines that analyze and solve
linear equations and linear least-squares probles. The package solves
linear systems whose matrices are general, banded, symmetric
indefinite, symmetric positive definite, triangular, and tridiagonal
square. In addition, the package computes the QR and singular value
decompositions of rectangular matrices and applies them to
least-squares problems. LINPACK uses column-oriented algorithms to
increase efficiency by preserving locality of reference.

LINPACK was designed for supercomputers in use in the 1970s and early
1980s. LINPACK has been largely superceded by LAPACK which has been
designed to run efficiently on shared-memory, vector supercomputers.

Required to run:
[lang/f2c] [math/blas]

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