./pkgtools/pbulk, Modular bulk build framework

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Branch: pkgsrc-2008Q1, Version: 0.28, Package name: pbulk-0.28, Maintainer: joerg

pbulk is the modular bulk build framework for pkgsrc.

This package contains:

- pbulk-scan, a program to scan the entire pkgsrc tree
or a list of directories therein for packages and
dependencies. Distributed operation using a master/client
mode is supported.

- pbulk-resolve, a program to resolve the dependencies
from the output of pbulk-scan

- pbulk-build, the build scheduler. Distributed builds via TCP
are supported.

- bulkbuild and related scripts to implement full and limited
bulk builds on top of those programs.

The pbulk framework is considered experimental.

Required to run:

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