./textproc/cdif, Word context diff

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Branch: pkgsrc-2008Q1, Version: 1.15, Package name: cdif-1.15, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Usage: cdif [-Bvn] [-A #] [-C #] [-D #] [-I #] [-[bwcu]] file1 file2
cdif [-rcs] [-q] [-rrev1 [-rrev2]] [cdif options] file
cdif [cdif options] [diff-output-file]
-B byte compare
-v use video standout (default for tty)
-n use nroff style overstrike (default for non-tty)
-b ignore trailing blank
-w ignore whitespace
-c[#] context diff
-u[#] unified diff (if diff has -u option)
-e # expression of `word' (default is '\w+')
-A, -C, -D (Append, Change, Delete) takes one of
vso: video standout vul: video underline
vbd: video bold bd: nroff style overstrike
ul: nroff style underline
or any sequence or sequences separated by comma
-I specify string to be shown on insertion point
Following strings have special meanings.
vbar: print vertical bar at the point
caret: print caret under the point
specify any diff command

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