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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
arka Graphic interface for the programs from the GP package
azara Programs to process and view NMR data
bioperl Perl tools for computational molecular biology
chemtool Program for drawing organic molecules
clustalw General purpose multiple alignment program for DNA or proteins
coalesce Estimates effective population size and mutation rate
fastDNAml Program derived from Joseph Felsenstein's version 3.3 DNAML
fluctuate Estimation of population growth rate
genesplicer Computational Method for Splice Site Prediction
glimmer System for finding genes in microbial DNA
gp Manipulate DNA/RNA sequence in a Unix fashion
hmmer Implementation of profile HMM software for protein sequence analysis
lucy Sequence Cleanup Program
mopac Molecular energy calculation program
mummer System for aligning whole genome sequences
nut Record what you eat and analyze your meals
pdbalign Prediction of Protein Secondary Structure and Active Sites
phylip Phylogeny Inference Package
profit Performs least squares fits of two protein structures
puzzle Maximum likelihood analysis of molecular sequence data
py-mol Molecular Visualization System
rasmol Molecular Graphics Visualisation Tool
sewer SEquence Analysis using WEb Resources
stride Protein secondary structure assignment from atomic coordinates
xylem Tools for manipulation of genetic databases