./pkgtools/pkgsurvey, Utility to collate pkg information, and mail to central census site

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Branch: pkgsrc-2010Q3, Version: 0.0, Package name: pkgsurvey-0.0, Maintainer: agc

pkgsurvey is a small utility to aid the pkgsrc people at pkgsrc.org

Information of currently-installed packages is taken from the current
machine, along with Operating System type, hardware architecture, and
operating system release version information, and mailed to a central

No information will be divulged to anyone - it is simply meant for use
by the pkgsrc people, for finding the most popular packages.

If the idea of divulging package or operating system version
information is distasteful to you, or does not conform to your site's
policy, then please feel free to delete pkgsurvey from your system:
as root, type

pkg_delete -v pkgsurvey

Alistair G. Crooks
Thu Feb 1 07:48:48 GMT 2001

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