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cm2gpx CacheMate PDB-to-GPX file converter
cmconvert CacheMate import file converter for GPS GPX files
epsg EPSG geodetic parameters database
epsg-docs EPSG geodetic parameters database documentation
garmin-utils Utilities for Garmin GPS receivers
garmintools Utilities for Garmin Forerunner 305 and similar GPS units
gdal-lib Translator library for raster geospatial data formats
geoclue Geoinformation service API and base providers
geos C++ port of the Java Topology Suite (JTS)
gipfel Photogrammetry For Mountain Images
gpsbabel Utility to convert and fetch GPS related data
gpsd GPS information daemon
gpsdrive GPS Navigation system
gpspoint Program to download and upload waypoints to and from your GPS device
gpsutils Capture and convert data from a Garmin GPS receiver
libchamplain04 Map widget
libchamplain06 Map widget
libdrg Library for reading and merging DRG files.
mapserver Environment for building spatially enabled Internet apps
merkaartor Merkaartor is an OpenStreetMap mapping program
p5-Geo-Coordinates-UTM Perl extension for Latitude Longitude conversions
p5-Geo-Distance Calculate Distances and Closest Locations
p5-Geo-Mercator Perl5 module computing Mercator Projection into meters
p5-Geo-ShapeFile Perl extension for handling ESRI GIS Shapefiles
p5-Geo-Weather Perl5 weather retrieval module
p5-Geography-Countries Perl5 module for mapping country names and codes
proj Cartographic projection software
proj-doc PDF documentation for the PROJ cartographic projection software
proj-swig Guile and python wrappers for proj
py-proj Python wrapper for proj
qgis Geographic Information System (GIS)
qlandkartegt GPS visualisation and mapping tool, supports Garmin devices
qlandkartegt-garmindev Garmin device drivers for qlandkartegt
qlandkartem QLandkarteM is a moving map application for mobile devices
shapelib Library for reading, writing and updating (limited) ESRI Shapefiles
viking Viking manages GPS data, supports Open Street Map and geocaching
vis5d+ Volumetric Visualization program for scientific datasets
xrmap Earth map viewer - complete
xrmap-anthems National anthems (text) for xrmap
xrmap-base Earth map viewer - base program
xrmap-data Vector data for xrmap
xrmap-factbook_html CIA factbook for xrmap (HTML)
xrmap-factbook_text CIA factbook for xrmap
xrmap-flags National flags for xrmap
xrmap-hymns National anthems (MIDI) for xrmap
xrmap-pdfmaps PDF maps for xrmap