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Branch: pkgsrc-2011Q1, Version: 2.3nb6, Package name: mule-2.3nb6, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

From FAQ-Mule:

Mule is a multi-lingual enhancement of GNU Emacs. Mule Ver.1 was
based on GNU Emacs Ver.18 and Mule Ver.2 is based on GNU Emacs
Ver.19. Mule Ver.1 will not be supported anymore.

Mule has the following features:
* It can handle not only ASCII characters (7 bit) and ISO Latin-1
characters (8 bit), but also 16 bit characters like Japanese,
Chinese, and Korean. Furthermore Mule can have a mixture of
languages in a single buffer.
* You can set different coding systems for file input/output,
keyboard input, and inter-process communication.
* When not in the multi-lingual mode, it behaves almost exactly like GNU

Required to build:

Package options: canna, wnn4

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SHA1: 52737767955caf2fde34b994f367a89c5d8a045f
RMD160: 52b93e746a7a796549a44104ab1898954df044bf
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