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Branch: pkgsrc-2011Q3, Version: 0.2.8rc2, Package name: dynamips-0.2.8rc2, Maintainer: kefren

Cisco 3600 and Cisco 7200 emulator. You'll need an
IOS image in order to properly use this package.

At this time, the emulator is able to boot a large
number of Cisco IOS releases available for the 7200
and 3600 platforms, including the latest 12.2S and 12.4T.

The following devices are emulated in the current release (0.2.5):

- MIPS64 CPU processor. The instruction set is not completely
emulated now (FPU support is lacking, TLB support is not
finished and other minor things), but it is sufficient for IOS ;
- DRAM and Packet SRAM memory ;
- Non-Volatile Memory (NVRAM) ;
- Signetics SCN 2681 DUART (C7200 Console and AUX ports) ;
- National Semiconductors NS16552 DUART (C3600 Console and AUX ports) ;
- Dallas DS1620 Temperature Sensors and Voltage Sensors, allowing
the C7200 Environmental Monitor to work properly ;
- NMC93C46 Serial EEPROM ;
- Bootflash of 8 Mb (Intel 28F016SA) ;
- Galileo GT64010/GT64120 PCI controller, DEC 21x50 PCI bridges and so ;
- PCMCIA ATA disk emulation (C7200 only at this time).

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