./math/gp-grpconst, GAP package for finding isomorphism classes of finite groups

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Branch: pkgsrc-2012Q1, Version: 2.0nb1, Package name: gp-grpconst-2.0nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

GrpConst is a GAP 4 package for constructing all groups of a given
finite order (up to isomorphism).

FrattiniExtensionMethod constructs all soluble groups of a given

CyclicSplitExtensionMethod constructs all (necessarily soluble) groups
whose given orders are of the form pn .q for different primes p and q
and which have at least one normal Sylow subgroup.

UpwardsExtensions takes as its input a permutation group G and
positive integer s and returns a list of permutation groups, one for
each extension of G by a soluble group of order a divisor of s.

The programs in this package have been used to construct a large part
of the Small Groups library.

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