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Branch: pkgsrc-2012Q2, Version: 4.8.4, Package name: kdegames4-4.8.4, Maintainer: markd

This is a compilation of more than 20 various casual desktop games that are
part of the standard KDE distribution.

* bovo: Five-in-a-row Board Game.
* katomic: Build complex atoms with a minimal amount of moves.
* kbackgammon: Play backgammon against a local human player, via a game
server or against GNU Backgammon (not included)
* kbattleship: Sink battleship of your opponents, with built-in game server.
* kblackbox: Find the balls hidden in the black box by shooting laser beams!
* kbounce: Claim areas and don't get disturbed.
* kgoldrunner: A game of action and puzzle-solving.
* kiriki: Yahtzee-like Dice Game.
* kjumpingcube: A tactical game for number-crunchers.
* klines: Place 5 equal pieces together, but wait, there are 3 new ones.
* kmahjongg: A tile laying patience.
* kmines: The classical mine sweeper.
* kolf: A mini golf game.
* konquest: Conquer the planets of your enemy.
* kpat: Several patience card games.
* kreversi: The old reversi board game, also known as Othello.
* ksame: Collect pieces of the same color.
* kshisen: Patience game where you take away all pieces.
* kspaceduel: Two player game with shooting spaceships flying around a sun.
* ksquares: Connect the dots to create squares.
* ksudoku: Sudoku game and more.
* ktuberling: Kids game: make your own potato (NO french fries!)
* kwin4: Place 4 pieces in a row.
* libkdegames: KDE game library used by many of these programs, contains also
images of card decks.
* libkmahjongg: Library used for loading and rendering of Mahjongg tilesets.
* lskat: Lieutnant skat.

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