./games/qstat, Program that gathers real-time statistics from game servers

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Branch: pkgsrc-2012Q2, Version: 2.10, Package name: qstat-2.10, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

QStat is a command-line program that gathers real-time statistics from
Internet game servers.

A summary of its features:

* Supports Windows 95, NT, Linux, and most Unixes.
* Comes with C source code and a binary for Windows.
* Supports old Quake (NetQuake), QuakeWorld, Hexen II, HexenWorld, Quake II,
Unreal/UT, Turok2, Sin, Half-Life, Shogo, Tribes, Tribes 2, Quake III,
BFRIS, Kingpin, Heretic II servers, Soldier of Fortune, and lots more.
* Can display all available statistics, including player info & server rules.
* Output templates for automatic HTML generation.
* Raw display mode for integration with custom server browsers.
* Built-in host name cache.
* Sort by ping time, game, or both.
* More options than you can wiggle a mouse at.

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SHA1: a138d8d79c0840d4ded5d3d5c343613242e56026
RMD160: d5f7c481ac37844f36a0791ef052c924301f0083
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