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Branch: pkgsrc-2012Q2, Version: 0.8.0nb28, Package name: sirius-0.8.0nb28, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Sirius is a program for playing the game of othello. The program includes
an AI (Artificial Intelligence) opponent which plays at a very challenging
level and is actually quite hard to beat. The AI opponent's strength can
therefore be adjusted in several ways to give you a suitable opponent.

The AI opponent uses a plain alpha-beta search with hashing to figure out
which move to make. To be able to tell a good position from a bad one, it
uses a pattern based evaluation function. The pattern used is the 9 discs
surrounding each corner and the 8 discs creating the edge of the board.
The evaluation function also takes mobility, potential mobility and parity
into count. For the initial 9 moves the AI opponent optionally uses a
simple opening book. During midgame it searches and evaluates about
200.000 nodes per second on a PIII 750 MHz, in the endgame this number is
significantly higher due to more transpositions and a less expensive
evaluation function.

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