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Branch: pkgsrc-2013Q2, Version: 0.74nb2, Package name: caml-light-0.74nb2, Maintainer: bouyer

The Caml Light system comprises the following parts:

- An interactive system, based on a read-eval-print loop: the user enters
a phrase, the system compiles it and executes it on the fly, then print the
outcome of evaluation. The interactive system is great for learning the
language and testing programs.
- A batch compiler and linker, camlc, with a command-line interface similar to
the one of C compilers. The compiler produces standalone executable programs
that can later be invoked just as any other command on the system. It
integrates smoothly within the Unix programming environment
(make, Emacs, ...).
- A medium-sized standard library, providing a number of general-purpose
functions and implementations of a few essential data structures
(lists, arrays, hash tables, sets, ...).
- A tool to build libraries of frequently-used program modules.
- A parser generator and a lexical analyzer generator, in the style of lex and
- Various programming tools and several interface libraries.

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