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Branch: pkgsrc-2014Q1, Version: 5.6.17, Package name: mysql-server-5.6.17, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

MySQL is a SQL (Structured Query Language) database server. SQL is the most
popular database language in the world. MySQL is a client-server implementation
that consists of a server daemon `mysqld' and many different client

The main goals of MySQL are speed and robustness.

The base upon which MySQL is built is a set of routines that have been used in
a highly demanding production environment for many years. While MySQL is still
in development it already offers a rich and highly useful function set.

The official way to pronounce 'MySQL' is 'My Ess Que Ell' (Not MY-SEQUEL).

This package contains the MySQL server programs and libraries including
embedded server (by PKG_OPTION).


Required to run:
[databases/mysql56-client] [lang/perl5]

Package options: embedded-server, ssl

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   2014-04-14 19:14:14 by Matthias Scheler | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Pullup ticket #4374 - requested by taca
databases/mysql56-client: security update
databases/mysql56-server: update to keep in sync with with "mysql56-client"

Revisions pulled up:
- databases/mysql56-client/Makefile.common                      1.14
- databases/mysql56-client/distinfo                             1.14
- databases/mysql56-server/PLIST                                1.9

   Module Name:	pkgsrc
   Committed By:	adam
   Date:		Mon Mar 31 10:32:13 UTC 2014

   Modified Files:
   	pkgsrc/databases/mysql56-client: Makefile.common distinfo
   	pkgsrc/databases/mysql56-server: PLIST

   Log message:
   Changes 5.6.17:

   Functionality Added or Changed

   Incompatible Change: The AES_ENCRYPT() and AES_DECRYPT() functions now permit \ 
control of the block encryption mode and take an optional initialization vector \ 

   The new block_encryption_mode system variable controls the mode for \ 
block-based encryption algorithms. Its default value is aes-128-ecb, which \ 
signifies encryption using a key length of 128 bits and ECB mode.

   An optional init_vector argument provides an initialization vector for \ 
encryption modes that require it:

   A random string of bytes to use for the initialization vector can be produced \ 
by calling the new RANDOM_BYTES() function.

   For more information, see Encryption and Compression Functions.

   These changes make statements that use AES_ENCRYPT() or AES_DECRYPT() unsafe \ 
for statement-based replication and they cannot be stored in the query cache. \ 
Queries that use RANDOM_BYTES() are unsafe for statement-based replication and \ 
cannot be stored in the query cache.

   Incompatible Change: The ERROR_FOR_DIVISION_BY_ZERO, NO_ZERO_DATE, and \ 
NO_ZERO_IN_DATE SQL modes now are deprecated and setting the sql_mode value to \ 
include any of them generates a warning. In MySQL 5.7, these modes do nothing. \ 
Instead, their effects are included in the effects of strict SQL mode \ 
(STRICT_ALL_TABLES or STRICT_TRANS_TABLES). The motivation for the change in \ 
MySQL 5.7 is to reduce the number of SQL modes with an effect dependent on \ 
strict mode and make them part of strict mode itself.

   To make advance preparation for an upgrade to MySQL 5.7, see SQL Mode Changes \ 
in MySQL 5.7. That discussion provides guidelines to assess whether your \ 
applications will be affected by the SQL mode changes in MySQL 5.7.

   InnoDB: MySQL now supports rebuilding regular and partitioned InnoDB tables \ 
using online DDL (ALGORITHM=INPLACE) for the following operations:



   ALTER TABLE ... ENGINE=INNODB (when run on an InnoDB table)

   Online DDL support reduces table rebuild time and permits concurrent DML, \ 
which helps reduce user application downtime. For additional information, see \ 
Overview of Online DDL.

   On Solaris, mysql_config --libs now includes -R/path/to/library so that \ 
libraries can be found at runtime.

   mysql_install_db provides a more informative diagnostic message when required \ 
Perl modules are missing.

   The IGNORE clause for ALTER TABLE is now deprecated and will be removed in a \ 
future version of MySQL. ALTER IGNORE TABLE causes problems for replication, \ 
prevents online ALTER TABLE for unique index creation, and causes problems with \ 
foreign keys (rows removed in the parent table).

   Bugs Fixed