./filesystems/p5-Module-Path, Perl5 module to get the full path to a locally installed module

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Branch: pkgsrc-2014Q1, Version: 0.09, Package name: p5-Module-Path-0.09, Maintainer: pkgsrc-p5-people

Module::Path provides a single function, module_path(), which will find
where a module is installed locally.

It works by looking in all the directories in @INC for an appropriately
named file:

* Foo::Bar becomes Foo/Bar.pm, using the correct directory path
separator for your operating system.
* Iterate over @INC, ignoring any references (see "require" in
"perlfunc" if you're surprised to hear that you might find references
in @INC).
* For each directory in @INC, append the partial path (Foo/Bar.pm),
again using the correct directory path separator. If the resulting
file exists, return this path.
* If no file was found, return undef.

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SHA1: 860723625e9d90b7b17857920d5b1046976d97f1
RMD160: f643de4b9fd0b389cf231fefa7188da5785aa690
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