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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
3ddesktop 3D Virtual Desktop Switcher
9wm 8 1/2-like Window Manager for X
aewm++ Fork of the popular minimal window manager aewm
afterstep Window manager based on the look and feel of the NeXTStep interface
amaterus GTK+ window manager
amiwm X window manager with Amiga look and feel
applewmproto AppleWM extension headers from
awesome Tiling window manager based on dwm
bbkeys General X Window keygrabber
bbkeys09 General X Window keygrabber
bbpager Pager for the blackbox window manager
bbpager04 Pager for the blackbox window manager
bbrun Run utility for BlackBox
blackbox Small and fast X11R6 window manager
blackbox70 Small and fast X11R6 window manager
bmpanel2 NETWM-compatible panel for X11
bsetroot Tools to set the root windows background
ccsm CompizConfig Settings Manager
compiz Compositing window manager
compiz-bcop (V) Option code generator for compiz
compiz-fusion-plugins-extra Compositing window manager - extra plugins
compiz-fusion-plugins-main Compositing window manager - main plugins
ctwm Window manager with support for multiple virtual screens and Gnome 1.x
cwm Window manager for X11 initially inspired by evilwm
dwm Dynamic window manager
e16menuedit2 Menu editor for the Enlightenment window manager
echinus Simple and lightweight tiling window manager
enlightenment Highly themeable and configurable window manager
ethemes Themes for the window manager Enlightenment
evilwm Minimalist Window Manager for X
fluxbox Window Manager for X based on Blackbox
fluxconf GTK based configuration tool for the fluxbox window manager
fluxter Workspace pager dockapp, particularly useful with Fluxbox
flwm The Fast, Light Window Manager
fvwm Newer version of X11 Virtual window manager
fvwm-devel Development version of X11 Virtual window manager
fvwm-themes Configuration framework for fvwm2 with samples
fvwm1 Virtual window manager for X
golem Fast and lightweight yet customizable window manager
i3 Improved dynamic tiling window manager
icecc IceWM Control Centre
icewm Small, fast and light-weight window manager
icewm-imlib Small, fast and light-weight window manager (imlib version)
icewm13 TODO: Short description of the package
icewmconf Graphical configuration tool for IceWM
jwm Lightweight window manager with virtual desktops
larswm 9wm-like window manager
libAppleWM AppleWM library from modular
libWindowsWM Cygwin/X rootless window management extension
lwm Lightweight Window Manager
matchbox-wm Window manager designed for computers with small displays
metacity GNOME-compliant window manager
mlvwm Macintosh Like Virtual Window Manager
musca Simple dynamic window manager for X
notion Tiling window manager based on ion3
novawm Nova window manager
obconf Tool for configuring the Openbox window manager
obpager Lightweight pager applet for OpenBox
olvwm Open Look Virtual Window Manager
openbox Standards compliant, light-weight, and extensible window manager
oroborox The lightweight Window Manager for the ROX Desktop
oroborus Small and simple window manager for X
pekwm Window manager based on aewm++
piewm Minimalist window manager based on tvtwm with pie menus
pwm Window manager that frames multiple client windows in a single frame
py-tyle Manual tiling manager
ratpoison Simple window manager with no fat library dependencies
sawfish Extensible window manager that is fully configurable in Lisp
selectwm Simple GTK2 application to select window manager
skippy Fullscreen task switcher for X11
spectrwm Small dynamic tiling window manager for X11
tvtwm Classic twm with virtual desktop support
twm Tom's Window Manager
uwm X11R3 window manager
vtwm TWM with virtual desktop, m4, sound and 3-D buttons
w9wm 8 1/2-like Window Manager for X with virtual desktops
waimea Fast and highly customizable virtual window manager
wampager Virtual pager dockapp for the Waimea Window Manager
wbar Simple and highly customizable quick-launch tool
weewm Fast and ultra light windowmanager with total keyboard control
windowlab Small and simple window manager
windowmaker GNUStep-compliant NEXTSTEP(tm) window manager clone
windowswmproto Provides definition of the WindowsWM extension to the X11 protocol
wm2 Minimalist window manager for X
wmakerconf Gtk+ based configuration tool for Window Maker
wmctrl Command line interface to an EWMH-compliant WM
wmextra Extras for Window Maker window manager
wmi Minimalist, flexible and highly customizable window manager
wmii Modular and keyboard-friendly window manager
wmthemes Themes for the window manager WindowMaker
wmx Another X11 window manager based on wm2
wmx-gnome Another X11 window manager based on wm2, with GNOME compliance
wsoundprefs (V) WSoundServer configuration utility
wsoundserver (V) Sound server for windowmaker
xfce4-wm Xfce window manager
xfce4-wm-themes Xfce window manager themes
xmonad Tiling window manager