./audio/aubio, Extracting annotations from audio signals

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Branch: pkgsrc-2015Q3, Version: 0.3.2nb2, Package name: aubio-0.3.2nb2, Maintainer: pho

aubio is a tool designed for the extraction of annotations from audio
signals. Its features include segmenting a sound file before each of
its attacks, performing pitch detection, tapping the beat and
producing midi streams from live audio.

Because these tasks are difficult, we thought it was important to
gather them in a dedicated library. To increase the fun, we have made
these algorithms work in a causal way, so as to be used in real time
applications with as low delay as possible. Functions can be used
offline in sound editors and software samplers, or online in audio
effects and virtual instruments.

aubio currently provides the following features:
- digital filters
- phase vocoder
- onset detection (several methods)
- pitch tracking (several methods)
- beat and tempo tracking
- mel frequency cepstrum coefficients (MFCC)
- transient / steady-state separation

Required to run:
[audio/libsndfile] [audio/alsa-lib]

Package options: alsa, jack

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