./audio/maplay, MPEG audio player/decoder for layer I and II MPEG audio streams

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Branch: pkgsrc-2015Q3, Version: 1.2nb1, Package name: maplay-1.2nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

maplay version 1.2 is the second release of my MPEG audio
player/decoder. It decodes layer I and layer II MPEG audio streams
and plays them using a CD-quality audio device.

The player supports all modes, which are single channel, stereo, joint
stereo and dual channel, and all bitrates except free mode. The
missing free mode support should not be a problem for now, because I
haven't seen such a stream yet.

Besides realtime playing of audio streams, maplay can decode streams
to stdout for further conversions. The output consists of 16 bit
signed PCM values. For stereo streams, the values are interleaved,
which means that a value for the left channel is followed by a value
for the right channel and so on. If maplay has been compiled for u-law
output, the output consists of 8 bit u-law samples at a rate of 8 kHz,
no matter what frequency the stream uses.

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SHA1: faeac51cfbf011956a17721e2077d0ed11f8d8dd
RMD160: bc016d4cc8f356d9c2c0a90d4afde5e67c45ba14
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