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abiword Open Source cross-platform word processor
abiword-plugins Open Source cross-platform word processor
beav Binary Editor And Viewer, a full featured binary file editor
beaver Lightweight GTK+ text editor with syntax highlighting
biew Binary viewer/editor
bvi Vi-like editor for binary files
ce Chet's Emacs: small, fast emacs-like editor , tty version
ce-doc Chet's Emacs: small, fast emacs-like editor , documentation
ce-x11 Chet's Emacs: small, fast emacs-like editor , X11 version
conglomerate XML editor for GNOME2
cooledit Full-featured text editor
dasher Easy typing without using keyboard
deforaos-editor DeforaOS desktop text editor
dhex The ncurses-based hex-editor with diff mode
easyedit Easy to use text editor with onscreen instructions
ed GNU version of line-oriented text editor
edt Text editor which emulates the VAX VMS EDT editor
elvis Clone of vi with regex-search, hex-edit, HTML/LaTeX preview
elvis-x11 Clone of vi with regex-search, hex-edit, HTML/LaTeX preview (X11)
em Early V6 Unix line-based editor for mortals
emacs Meta-package for installing the preferred Emacs version
emacs-nox11 Meta-package for installing the preferred Emacs version
emacs-packages Meta-package for the GNU Emacs lisp packages
emacs-snapshot GNU editing macros (development version)
emacs20 GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs21 GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs21-nox11 GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs22 GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs22-nox11 GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs23 GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs23-nox11 GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs24 GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs24-nox11 GNU editing macros (editor)
ex Berkeley vi 3.7
fe Folding editor
gate Lightweight text editor
gconf-editor Editor for the GConf configuration system
gedit Lightweight GNOME2 text editor
gedit-python Lightweight GNOME2 text editor
gedit3 Lightweight GNOME UTF-8 text editor
ghex Hex editor
gice Powerful C text editor with advanced features
gnuserv Improved version of emacsserver for GNU Emacs
gobby Collaborative Editor
gtranslator Gettext po file editor for the GNOME2 desktop environment
gummi Gummi is a LaTeX editor, written in C/GTK+
heme Fast and portable console hex editor
hexcurse Hexcurse is an ncurses-based console hexeditor written in C
hexedit To view and edit files in hexadecimal or ASCII
hnb Hierarchical data organizer
javascript-mode Javascript major mode for Emacs
jde Full-featured Java editing mode for emacs
jed Extensible folding editor with Emacs/WordStar/EDT emulations
joe Joe's own editor
jove Small emacs-style editor, but lacks the LISP engine
kate KDE advanced text editor
kdissert Mindmapping-like tool to generate text templates
kile LaTeX source editor - TeX shell - Gnuplot front end
kile-kde3 LaTeX source editor - TeX shell - Gnuplot front end
leafpad Simple and light text editor using GTK+
leim20 Libraries of Emacs Input Methods
leim21 Libraries of Emacs Input Methods (for emacs21)
lpe Small and efficient programmer's editor for UNIX systems
lyx Document processor and graphical frontend for LaTeX
m17n-lib (V) Multilingualization library
manedit UNIX Manual (man, manpage) page editor, viewer, and browser for X11
matlab-mode Matlab mode for Emacs
medit Programming and around-programming text editor
mflteco MFL clone of Tape Editor and COrrector
mg Small, fast, public domain EMACS style editor
mg2a Small, fast, public domain EMACS style editor
mined Html-aware editor
mlview XML editor for the GNOME environment
mule Multilingual GNU editing macros (editor)
mule-ucs Another encoding conversion mechanism for Emacs
nano Small and friendly text editor (a free replacement for Pico)
ne Re-write of Phoenix E. A sensible light-weight editor
nedit Motif based standard GUI style text editor
ng Very light Emacs-clone with japanese support
notecase Hierarchical note manager
nts Simple GUI note taking application
nvi Berkeley nvi with additional features
nvi-m17n Clone of vi/ex, with multilingual patch
obby Library for distributed editing
OmegaT The translation memory (TM) application written in Java
p5-Acme-Padre-PlayCode Acme::PlayCode Plugin for Padre
p5-Padre Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment
p5-Padre-Plugin-Autoformat Reformat text within Padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-Catalyst Catalyst helper interface for Padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-DataWalker Simple Perl data structure browser Padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-Debugger Debug Perl code from Padre editor
p5-Padre-Plugin-Ecliptic Padre plugin that provides Eclipse-like useful features
p5-Padre-Plugin-Encrypt Padre plugin to encrypt/decrypt file
p5-Padre-Plugin-Git Simple Git interface for Padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-HG Mecurial interface for Padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-Kate Padre plugin using the Kate syntax highlighter
p5-Padre-Plugin-Nopaste Send code on a nopaste website from padre
p5-Padre-Plugin-PerlCritic Analyze perl files in Padre with Perl::Critic
p5-Padre-Plugin-PerlTidy Format perl files in Padre using Perl::Tidy
p5-Padre-Plugin-SpellCheck Check spelling in Padre