./fonts/alee-ttf, A. Lees Hangul truetype fonts

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Branch: pkgsrc-2016Q4, Version: 12nb1, Package name: alee-ttf-12nb1, Maintainer: fox9

This package contains GPL'd Hangul truetype fonts made by A Lee.

Eunjin and Ongdalsam are general purpose Hangul truetype fonts that
contain ascii and Korean syllable characters. These fonts look good
in 12px (9pt in 96dpi screen) size without antialiasing.

09t@quark.ttf is not a real Hangul font. It is a truetype ascii font
that is specially designed with the principle of the Hangul 3-bul-sik
typewriter invented by Ph.D Kong Byeong-woo.

On qwerty keyboard layout, get 09t@quark.ttf font and type as typing
Hangul on Hangul 3-bul-sik-final keyboard, WITHOUT HANGUL IME. Then
letters you type will appear like Hangul.

09t@quark.ttf contains 16px bitmaps for screen use, therefore looks
good in 16px (12pt in 96dpi screen) size without antialiasing.

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