./pkgtools/genpkgng, Convert a pkgsrc binary package to a FreeBSD pkg

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Branch: pkgsrc-2016Q4, Version: 20140425, Package name: genpkgng-20140425, Maintainer: agc

This is a small utility to generate a FreeBSD pkg binary package
from a pkgsrc binary package. It is invoked simply, using a command

genpkgng ssam-1.9nb1.tgz

and it will convert the pkgsrc binary package to a pkg one:

% ./genpkgng.sh perl-5.18.1nb2.tgz
Converting perl-5.18.1nb2.tgz
-rw-r--r-- 1 agc users 16597860 Apr 24 19:01 perl-5.18.1nb2.txz

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