./pkgtools/pkgdiff, Tools to create, maintain, and send back patches for pkgsrc

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Branch: pkgsrc-2016Q4, Version: 1.8nb1, Package name: pkgdiff-1.8nb1, Maintainer: wiz

This package contains four tools to ease creating and maintaining
patches for pkgsrc: mkpatches, patchdiff, pkgdiff, and pkgvi.

pkgdiff compares two files (like diff) and produces an output file
that can be used in pkgsrc.

mkpatches automatically generates a set of patches, if the original
versions of the files had been saved as filename.orig.

patchdiff compares a previously existing set of patches with another
one created by mkpatches, and outputs any changes.

pkgvi makes backup copies if a file is changed, so pkgdiff can be run
on it later, generating a patch for the changes made.

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