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Branch: pkgsrc-2016Q4, Version: 8.0.41, Package name: apache-tomcat-8.0.41, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Apache Tomcat is an implementation of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages
technologies. The Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages specifications are
developed under the Java Community Process.

Apache Tomcat is developed in an open and participatory environment and
released under the Apache Software License. Apache Tomcat is intended to
be a collaboration of the best-of-breed developers from around the world.
We invite you to participate in this open development project.

Apache Tomcat powers numerous large-scale, mission-critical web applications
across a diverse range of industries and organizations.

This package tracks 8.x release branch.

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   2017-03-03 16:21:29 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Pullup ticket #5220 - requested by spz
www/apache-tomcat8: security fix

Revisions pulled up:
- www/apache-tomcat8/Makefile                                   1.9-1.10
- www/apache-tomcat8/PLIST                                      1.5-1.7
- www/apache-tomcat8/distinfo                                   1.10-1.11

   Module Name:    pkgsrc
   Committed By:   spz
   Date:           Sun Jan  1 17:26:13 UTC 2017

   Modified Files:
           pkgsrc/www/apache-tomcat8: Makefile PLIST distinfo

   Log message:
   update to current tomcat 8.0 train version, fixing CVE-2016-5388.


   Tomcat 8.0.39 (violetagg)

       Fix: When creating a new Connector via JMX, ensure that both HTTP/1.1 and \ 
AJP/1.3 connectors can be created. (markt)
       Fix: Include the Context name in the log message when an item cannot be \ 
added to the cache. (markt)
       Fix: Exclude JAR files in /WEB-INF/lib from the static resource cache. (markt)
       Fix: When calling getResourceAsStream() on a directory, ensure that null \ 
is returned. (markt)
       Fix: 60161: Allow creating subcategories of the container logger, and use \ 
it for the rewrite valve. (remm)
       Fix: Correctly test for control characters when reading the provided \ 
shutdown password. (markt)
       Fix: When configuring the JMX remote listener, specify the allowed types \ 
for the credentials. (markt)


       Fix: Correct the HTTP header parser so that DEL is not treated as a valid \ 
token character. (markt)
       Fix: 60319: When using an Executor, disconnect it from the Connector \ 
attributes maxThreads, minSpareThreads and threadPriority to enable the \ 
configuration settings to be consistently reported.
   These Connector attributes will be reported as -1 when an Executor is in use. \ 
The values used by the executor may be set and obtained via the Executor. \ 
       Fix: If an I/O error occurs during async processing on a non-container \ 
thread, ensure that the onError() event is triggered. (markt)
       Fix: Improve detection of I/O errors during async processing on \ 
non-container threads and trigger async error handling when they are detected. \ 
       Add: Add additional checks for valid characters to the HTTP request line \ 
parsing so invalid request lines are rejected sooner. (markt)

   Web applications

       Fix: Correct a typo in HTTP Connector How-To. Issue reported via \ 
comments.apache.org. (violetagg)
       Fix: Fix default value of validationInterval attribute in jdbc-pool. (kfujino)
       Fix: Correct a typo in CGI How-To. Issue reported via \ 
comments.apache.org. (violetagg)


       Fix: When the proxy node sends a backup retrieve message, ensure that \ 
using the channelSendOptions that has been set rather than the default \ 
channelSendOptions. (kfujino)


       Update: Update the ECJ compiler to version 4.5.1. (markt)
       Fix: Remove classes from tomcat-util-scan.jar that are duplicates of \ 
those in tomcat-util.jar. (markt)

   2016-10-10 Tomcat 8.0.38 (markt)

       Add: 59961: Add an option to the StandardJarScanner to control whether or \ 
not JAR Manifests are scanned for additional class path entries. (markt)
       Fix: 60013: Refactor the previous fix to align the behaviour of the \ 
Rewrite Valve with mod_rewrite. As part of this, provide an implementation for \ 
the B and NE flags and improve the handling for
   the QSA flag. Includes multiple test cases by Santhana Preethiand a patch by \ 
Tiago Oliveira. (markt)
       Fix: 60087: Refactor the web resources handling to use the Tomcat \ 
specific war:file:... URL protocol to refer to WAR files and their contents \ 
rather than the standard jar:file:... form since some
   components of the JRE, such as JAR verification, give unexpected results when \ 
the standard form is used. A side-effect of the refactoring is that when using \ 
packed WARs, it is now possible to
   reference a WAR and/or specific JARs within a WAR in the security policy file \ 
used when running under a SecurityManager. (markt)
       Fix: 60116: Fix a problem with the rewrite valve that caused back \ 
references evaluated in conditions to be forced to lower case when using the NC \ 
flag. (markt)
       Fix: Ensure Digester.useContextClassLoader is considered in case the \ 
class loader is used. (violetagg)
       Fix: 60117: Ensure that the name of LogLevel is localized when using \ 
OneLineFormatter. Patch provided by Tatsuya Bessho. (kfujino)
       Fix: 60146: Improve performance for resource retrieval by making calls to \ 
WebResource.getInputStream() trigger caching if the resource is small enough. \ 
Patch provided by mohitchugh. (markt)
       Add: 60151: Improve the exception error messages when a ResourceLink \ 
fails to specify the type, specifies an unknown type or specifies the wrong \ 
type. (markt)
       Fix: 60167: Ignore empty lines in /etc/passwd files when using the \ 
PasswdUserDatabase. (markt)
       Fix: 60170: Exclude the compressed test file index.html.br from RAT \ 
analysis. Patch provided by Gavin McDonald. (markt)
       Fix: When starting web resources, ensure that class resources are only \ 
started once. (markt)
       Fix: Improve the access checks for linked global resources to handle the \ 
case where the current class loader is a child of the web application class \ 
loader. (markt)
       Fix: 60199: Log a warning if deserialization issues prevent a session \ 
attribute from being loaded. (markt)


       Fix: Correctly handle a call to AsyncContext.complete() from a \ 
non-container thread when non-blocking I/O is being used. (markt)
       Add: Refactor the code that implements the requirement that a call to \ 
complete() or dispatch() made from a non-container thread before the container \ 
initiated thread that called startAsync()
   completes must be delayed until the container initiated thread has completed. \ 
Rather than implementing this by blocking the non-container thread, extend the \ 
internal state machine to track this. This
   removes the possibility that blocking the non-container thread could trigger \ 
a deadlock. (markt)
       Fix: 60123: Avoid potential threading issues that could cause excessively \ 
large vales to be returned for the processing time of a current request. (markt)
       Fix: 60174: Log instances of HeadersTooLargeException during request \ 
processing. (markt)


       Fix: 60101: Remove preloading of the class that was deleted. (violetagg)

   Web applications

       Add: Expand the documentation for the nested elements within a Resources \ 
element to clarify the behaviour of different configuration options with respect \ 
to the order in which resources are
   searched. (markt)
       Add: Add an example of using the classesToInitialize attribute of the \ 
JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener to the documentation web application. Based on a \ 
patch by Cris Berneburg. (markt)
       Fix: 60192: Correct a typo in the status output of the Manager \ 
application. Patch provided by Radhakrishna Pemmasani. (markt)


       Fix: Notify jmx when returning the connection that has been marked \ 
suspect. (kfujino)
       Fix: Ensure that the POOL_EMPTY notification has been added to the jmx \ 
notification types. (kfujino)
       Fix: 60099: Ensure that use all method arguments as a cache key when \ 
using StatementCache. (kfujino)
       Fix: 60139: Correct Javadocs for PoolConfiguration.getValidationInterval \ 
and setValidationInterval. Reported by Phillip Webb. (kfujino)


       Fix: Update the download location for Objenesis. (violetagg)
       Fix: 60164: Replace log4j-core*.jar with log4j-web*.jar since it is \ 
log4j-web*.jar that contains the ServletContainerInitializer. (markt)
       Add: Add documentation to the bin/catalina.bat script to remind users \ 
that environment variables don't affect the configuration of Tomcat when run as \ 
a Windows Service. Based upon a documentation
   patch by James H.H. Lampert. (schultz)
       Update: Update the packaged version of the Tomcat Native Library to \ 
1.2.10 to pick up the latest Windows binaries built with OpenSSL 1.0.2j. (markt)

   2016-09-05 Tomcat 8.0.37 (markt)

       Fix: 57705: Add debug logging for requests denied by the remote host and \ 
remote address valves and filters. Based on a patch by Graham Leggett. (markt)
       Add: 59399: Add a new option to the Realm implementations that ship with \ 
Tomcat that allows the HTTP status code used for HTTP -> HTTPS redirects to \ 
be controlled per Realm. (markt)
       Update: Change the default of the sessionCookiePathUsesTrailingSlash \ 
attribute of the Context element to false since the problems caused when a \ 
Servlet is mapped to /* are more significant than
   the security risk of not enabling this option by default. (markt)
       Fix: Do not attempt to start web resources during a web application's \ 
initialisation phase since the web application is not fully configured at that \ 
point and the web resources may not be
   correctly configured. (markt)
       Fix: 59708: Modify the LockOutRealm logic. Valid authentication attempts \ 
during the lock out period will no longer reset the lock out timer to zero. \ 
       Fix: Improve error handling around user code prior to calling \ 
InstanceManager.destroy() to ensure that the method is executed. (markt)
       Fix: 59813: Ensure that circular relations of the Class-Path attribute \ 
from JAR manifests will be processed correctly. (violetagg)
       Fix: Ensure that reading the singleThreadModel attribute of a \ 
StandardWrapper via JMX does not trigger initialisation of the associated \ 
servlet. With some frameworks this can trigger an
   unexpected initialisation thread and if initilisation is not thread-safe the \ 
initialisation can then fail. (markt)
       Fix: Compatibility with rewrite from httpd for non existing headers. (jfclere)
       Fix: By default, treat paths used to obtain a request dispatcher as \ 
encoded. This behaviour can be changed per web application via the \ 
dispatchersUseEncodedPaths attribute of the Context. (markt)
       Fix: 59839: Apply roleSearchAsUser to all nested searches in JNDIRealm. \ 
       Fix: 59859: Fix resource leak in WebDAV servlet. Based on patch by Coty \ 
Sutherland. (fschumacher)
       Add: Provide a mechanism that enables the container to check if a \ 
component (typically a web application) has been granted a given permission when \ 
running under a SecurityManager without the
   current execution stack having to have passed through the component. Use this \ 
new mechanism to extend SecurityManager protection to the system property \ 
replacement feature of the digester. (markt)
       Add: When retrieving an object via a ResourceLink, ensure that the object \ 
obtained is of the expected type. (markt)
       Fix: 59824: Mark the RewriteValve as supporting async processing by \ 
default. (markt)
       Fix: 59862: Allow nested jar files scanning to be filtered with the \ 
system property tomcat.util.scan.StandardJarScanFilter.jarsToSkip. Patch is \ 
provided by Terence Bandoian. (violetagg)
       Fix: 59866: When scanning WEB-INF/classes for annotations, don't scan the \ 
contents of WEB-INF/classes/META-INF (if present) since classes will never be \ 
loaded from that location. (markt)
       Fix: 59888: Correctly handle tabs and spaces in quoted version one \ 
cookies when using the Rfc6265CookieProcessor. (markt)
       Fix: 59912: Fix an edge case in input stream handling where an \ 
IOException could be thrown when reading a POST body. (markt)
       Fix: 59960: Fix Javadoc so it builds with Java 8. Patch by Coty \ 
Sutherland. (markt)
       Fix: 59966: Do not start the web application if the error page \ 
configuration in web.xml is invalid. (markt)
       Fix: Switch the CGI servlet to the standard logging mechanism and remove \ 
support for the debug attribute. (markt)
       Fix: Changes to the allowLinking attribute of a StandardRoot instance now \ 
invalidate the cache if caching is enabled. (markt)
       Add: Add a new initialisation parameter, envHttpHeaders, to the CGI \ 
Servlet to mitigate httpoxy (CVE-2016-5388) by default and to provide a \ 
mechanism that can be used to mitigate any future,
   similar issues. (markt)
       Add: When adding and removing ResourceLinks dynamically, ensure that the \ 
global resource is only visible via the ResourceLinkFactory when it is meant to \ 
be. (markt)
       Fix: 60008: When processing CORs requests, treat any origin with a URI \ 
scheme of file as a valid origin. (markt)
       Fix: Improve handling of exceptions during a Lifecycle events triggered \ 
by a state transition. The exception is now caught and the component is now \ 
placed into the FAILED state. (markt)
       Fix: 60013: Fix encoding issues when using the RewriteValve with UTF-8 \ 
query strings or UTF-8 redirect URLs. (markt)
       Fix: 60022: Improve handling when a WAR file and/or the associated \ 
exploded directory are symlinked into the appBase. (markt)
       Fix: Fix a file descriptor leak when reading the global web.xml. (markt)
       Fix: Consistently decode URL patterns provided via web.xml using the \ 
encoding of the web.xml file where specified or UTF-8 where no explicit encoding \ 
is specified. (markt)
       Fix: Make timing attacks against the Realm implementations harder. (schultz)


       Fix: Improve error handling around user code prior to calling \ 
InstanceManager.destroy() to ensure that the method is executed. (markt)
       Fix: Extend synchronization for NIO2 writes to avoid \ 
ConcurrentModificationException observed during testing. (markt)
       Fix: 59904: Add a limit (default 200) for the number of cookies allowed \ 
per request. Based on a patch by gehui. (markt)
       Fix: 59925: Correct regression in r1628368 and ensure that HTTP \ 
separators are handled as configured in the LegacyCookieProcessor. Patch \ 
provided by Kyohei Nakamura. (markt)
       Fix: OpenSSL now disables 3DES by default so reflect this when using \ 
OpenSSL syntax to select ciphers. (markt)


       Fix: Improve error handling around user code prior to calling \ 
InstanceManager.destroy() to ensure that the method is executed. (markt)
       Fix: Improve the error handling for custom tags to ensure that the tag is \ 
returned to the pool or released and destroyed once used. (markt)
       Fix: 60032: Fix handling of method calls that use varargs within EL value \ 
expressions. (markt)
       Fix: Ignore engineOptionsClass and scratchdir when running under a \ 
security manager. (markt)
       Fix: Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException. Based on a patch provided by \ 
wuwen via Github. (violetagg)


       Fix: Improve error handling around user code prior to calling \ 
InstanceManager.destroy() to ensure that the method is executed. (markt)
       Fix: 59908: Ensure that a reason phrase is included in the close message \ 
if a session is closed due to a timeout. (markt)

   Web Applications

       Fix: Do not log an additional case of IOExceptions in the error handler \ 
for the Drawboard WebSocket example when the root cause is the client \ 
disconnecting since the logs add no value. (markt)
       Fix: 59642: Mention the localDataSource in the DataSourceRealm section of \ 
the Realm How-To. (markt)
       Fix: Follow-up to the fix for 59399. Ensure that the new attribute \ 
transportGuaranteeRedirectStatus is documented for all Realms. Also document the \ 
NullRealm and when it is automatically created
   for an Engine. (markt)
       Fix: Fix the description of maxAge attribute in jdbc-pool doc. This \ 
attribute works both when a connection is returned and when a connection is \ 
borrowed. (kfujino)
       Fix: 59774: Correct the prefix values in the documented examples for \ 
configuring the AccessLogValve. Patch provided by Mike Noordermeer. (markt)
       Fix: 59868: Clarify the documentation for the Manager web application to \ 
make clearer that the host name and IP address in the server section are the \ 
primary host name and IP address. (markt)
       Fix: MBeans Descriptors How-To is moved to mbeans-descriptors-howto.html. \ 
Patch provided by Radoslav Husar. (violetagg)
       Fix: Update NIO Connector configuration documentation with an information \ 
about socket.directSslBuffer. (violetagg)
       Fix: 60034: Correct a typo in the Manager How-To page of the \ 
documentation web application. (markt)


       Add: Add log message when the ping has timed-out. (kfujino)
       Fix: If the ping message has been received at the \ 
AbstractReplicatedMap#leftOver method, ensure that notify the member is alive \ 
than ignore it. (kfujino)


       Fix: Fix the duplicated connection release when connection verification \ 
failed. (kfujino)
       Fix: Ensure that do not remove the abandoned connection that has been \ 
already released. (kfujino)
       Fix: In order to avoid the unintended skip of PoolCleaner, remove the \ 
check code of the execution interval in the task that has been scheduled. \ 
       Fix: 59850: Ensure that the ResultSet is closed when enabling the \ 
StatementCache interceptor. (kfujino)
       Fix: 59923: Reduce the default value of validationInterval in order to \ 
avoid the potential issue that continues to return an invalid connection after \ 
database restart. (kfujino)
       Fix: Ensure that the ResultSet is returned as Proxy object when enabling \ 
the StatementDecoratorInterceptor. (kfujino)
       Fix: 60043: Ensure that the suspectTimeout works without removing \ 
connection when the removeAbandoned is disabled. (kfujino)
       Fix: Add log message of when returning the connection that has been \ 
marked suspect. (kfujino)
       Fix: Correct Javadoc for ConnectionPool.suspect(). Based on a patch by \ 
Yahya Cahyadi. (markt)


       Update: 59276: Update optional Checkstyle library to 6.17. (kkolinko)
       Add: Use the mirror network rather than the ASF master site to download \ 
the current ASF dependencies. (markt)
       Update: Update the packaged version of the Tomcat Native Library to 1.2.8 \ 
to pick up the latest fixes and make 1.2.8 the minimum recommended version. \ 
       Fix: 59899: Update Tomcat's copy of the Java Persistence annotations to \ 
include the changes made in 2.1 / JavaEE 7. (markt)
       Fix: Fixed typos in mbeans-descriptors.xml files. (violetagg)
       Update: Update the internal fork of Commons BCEL to r1757132 to align \ 
with the BCEL 6 release. (markt)
       Update: Update the internal fork of Commons DBCP2 to r1757164 to pick up \ 
a couple of bug fixes. (markt)
       Update: Update the internal fork of Commons Codec to r1757174. Code \ 
formatting changes only. (markt)
       Update: Update the internal fork of Commons FileUpload to afdedc9. This \ 
pulls in a fix to improve the performance with large multipart boundaries. \ 

   Module Name:    pkgsrc
   Committed By:   spz
   Date:           Sat Feb  4 20:48:03 UTC 2017

   Modified Files:
           pkgsrc/www/apache-tomcat8: Makefile PLIST distinfo

   Log message:
   Update to Tomcat 8.0.41. Upstream changelog:

   Tomcat 8.0.41 (violetagg)

       Add: Make the accessTimeout configurable in BackupManager. The \ 
accessTimeout is used as a timeout period for PING in replication map. (kfujino)

   Web applications

       Fix: Ensure the ASF logo image is displayed in host-manager. (violetagg)

   not released Tomcat 8.0.40 (violetagg)

       Add: 53602: Add HTTP status code 451 (RFC 7725) to the list of HTTP \ 
status codes recognised by Tomcat. (markt)
       Fix: 60446: Handle the case where the stored user credential uses a \ 
different key length than the length currently configured for the \ 
CredentialHandler. Based on a patch by Niklas Holm. (markt)
       Fix: 60351: Delay creating META-INF/war-tracker file until after the WAR \ 
has been expanded to address the case where the Tomcat process terminates during \ 
the expansion. (markt)
       Fix: Correctly handle the configClass attribute of a Host when embedding \ 
Tomcat. (markt)
       Fix: 60379: Dispose of the GSS credential once it is no longer required. \ 
Patch provided by Michael Osipov. (markt)
       Fix: 60380: Ensure that a call to HttpServletRequest#logout() triggers a \ 
call to TomcatPrincipal#logout(). Based on a patch by Michael Osipov. (markt)
       Fix: 60387: Correct the javadoc for \ 
o.a.catalina.AccessLog.setRequestAttributesEnabled. The default value is \ 
different for the different implementations. (violetagg)
       Code: 60393: Use consistent parameter naming in implementations of \ 
Realm#authenticate(GSSContext, boolean). (markt)
       Fix: 60395: Log when an Authenticator passes an incomplete GSSContext to \ 
a Realm since it indicates a bug in the Authenticator. Patch provided by Michael \ 
Osipov. (markt)
       Fix: Correctly generate URLs for resources located inside JARs that are \ 
themselves located inside a packed WAR file. (markt)
       Fix: 60410: Ensure that multiple calls to JarInputStreamWrapper#close() \ 
do not incorrectly trigger the closure of the underlying JAR or WAR file. \ 
       Fix: 60411: Implement support in the RewriteValve for symbolic names to \ 
specify the redirect code to use when returning a redirect response to the user \ 
agent. Patch provided by Michael Osipov.
       Fix: 60413: In the RewriteValve write empty capture groups as the empty \ 
string rather than as "null" when generating the re-written URL. Based \ 
on a patch by Michael Osipov. (markt)
       Update: Update the warnings that reference required options for running \ 
on Java 9 to use the latest syntax for those options. (markt)
       Fix: 60513: Fix thread safety issue with RMI cleanup code. (remm)


       Fix: Ensure that the endpoint is able to unlock the acceptor thread \ 
during shutdown if the endpoint is configured to listen to any local address of \ 
a specific type such as or ::. (markt)
       Fix: Prevent read time out when the file is deleted while serving the \ 
response. The issue was observed only with APR Connector and sendfile enabled. \ 
       Fix: Improve the logic that selects an address to use to unlock the \ 
Acceptor to take account of platforms what do not listen on all local addresses \ 
when configured with an address of or
   ::. (markt)
       Fix: 60409: When unable to complete sendfile request, ensure the \ 
Processor will be added to the cache only once. (markt/violetagg)


       Fix: 60431: Improve handling of varargs in UEL expressions. Based on a \ 
patch by Ben Wolfe. (markt)
       Fix: 60497: Restore previous tag reuse behavior following the use of \ 
try/finally. (remm)
       Fix: Improve the error handling for simple tags to ensure that the tag is \ 
released and destroyed once used. (remm)
       Fix: 60497: Follow up fix using a better variable name for the tag reuse \ 
flag. (remm)
       Fix: Revert use of try/finally for simple tags. (remm)

   Web applications

       Fix: Correct a typo in Host Configuration Reference. Issue reported via \ 
comments.apache.org. (violetagg)
       Fix: 60344: Add a note to BUILDING.txt regarding using the source bundle \ 
with the correct line endings. (markt)
       Fix: 60412: Add information on the comment syntax for the RewriteValve \ 
configuration. (markt)
       Fix: 60467: remove problematic characters from XML documentation. Based \ 
upon a patch by Michael Osipov. (schultz)
       Add: In the documentation web application, be explicit that clustering \ 
requires a secure network for all of the cluster network traffic. (markt)
       Update: Update the ASF logos to the new versions.
       Fix: 60468: Correct the format of the sample ISO-8601 date used to report \ 
the build date for the documentation. Patch provided by Michael Osipov. (markt)


       Fix: Reduce the warning logs for a message received from a different \ 
domain in order to avoid excessive log outputs. (kfujino)
       Add: Add log message that PING message has received beyond the timeout \ 
period. (kfujino)
       Fix: When a PING message that beyond the time-out period has been \ 
received, make sure that valid member is added to the map membership. (kfujino)


       Fix: 60437: Avoid possible handshake overflows in the websocket client. (remm)


       Add: 58816: Implement the statistics of jdbc-pool. The stats infos are \ 
borrowedCount, returnedCount, createdCount, releasedCount, reconnectedCount, \ 
releasedIdleCount and removeAbandonedCount.
       Fix: 60194: If validationQuery is not specified, connection validation is \ 
done by calling the isValid() method. (kfujino)
       Fix: 60398: Fix testcase of TestSlowQueryReport. (kfujino)
       Add: Enable reset the statistics without restarting the pool. (kfujino)


       Fix: 60366: Change catalina.bat to use directly LOGGING_MANAGER and \ 
LOGGING_CONFIG variables in order to configure logging, instead of modifying \ 
JAVA_OPTS. Patch provided by Petter Isberg.
       Add: New property is added test.verbose in order to control whether the \ 
output of the tests is displayed on the console or not. Patch provided by \ 
Emmanuel Bourg. (violetagg)
       Update: Update the ASF logos used in the Apache Tomcat installer for \ 
Windows to use the new versions.
       Fix: Spelling corrections provided by Josh Soref. (violetagg)

   Module Name:	pkgsrc
   Committed By:	prlw1
   Date:		Mon Feb  6 15:55:49 UTC 2017

   Modified Files:
   	pkgsrc/www/apache-tomcat8: PLIST

   Log message:
   Fix PLIST:

   $ tar tzvf /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles/apache-tomcat-8.0.41.tar.gz | egrep 'ROOT=
   -rw-r--r--  1 root     wheel      26447 Jan 18 22:25 apache-tomcat-8.0.41/=