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Branch: pkgsrc-2017Q1, Version: 200609nb1, Package name: hugs98-200609nb1, Maintainer: nathanw

Hugs 98 is a functional programming system based on Haskell 98, the de
facto standard for non-strict functional programming languages. Hugs 98
provides an almost complete implementation of Haskell 98, including:

* Lazy evaluation, higher order functions, and pattern matching.
* A wide range of built-in types, from characters to bignums, and lists
to functions, with comprehensive facilities for defining new datatypes
and type synonyms.
* An advanced polymorphic type system with type and constructor class
* All of the features of the Haskell 98 expression and pattern syntax
including lambda, case, conditional and let expressions, list
comprehensions, do-notation, operator sections, and wildcard,
irrefutable and `as' patterns.
* An implementation of the Haskell 98 primitives for monadic I/O, with
support for simple interactive programs, access to text files,
handle-based I/O, and exception handling.
* An almost complete implementation of the Haskell module system.
Hugs 98 also supports a number of advanced and experimental extensions
including multi-parameter classes, extensible records, rank-2
polymorphism, existentials, scoped type variables, and restricted
type synonyms.

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