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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
asterisk The Asterisk Software PBX
asterisk-sounds-de-x9media German voice prompt files for asterisk
asterisk-sounds-native Asterisk sound files in higher quality formats
asterisk13 The Asterisk Software PBX
asterisk14 The Asterisk Software PBX
asterisk18 The Asterisk Software PBX
binkd FidoNet-over-IP transport program utilizing BINKP protocol
birda Bohlin's IrDA utilities
bthfp Bluetooth Handsfree Profile
conserver Application that allows multiple users to watch serial consoles
conserver8 Application that allows multiple users to watch serial consoles
deforaos-phone DeforaOS desktop telephony
dfu-util Host side implementation of the USB DFU protocol
dl-ezkit Coff file downloader for the EZ-KIT Lite using the RS232
efax Collection of small programs for sending and receiving faxes
efax-gtk GTK frontend for efax
estic German language configuration tool for ISTEC 1003/1008 ISDN systems
fidogate FidoNet (FTN) <-> Internet mail and news gateway
gammu Command line utility and library to work with mobile phones
gkermit Minimal implementation of the ``kermit'' protocol (GPL'd)
gnome-pilot Handheld synchronisation for GNOME
gsmlib Library to access GSM mobile phones through GSM modems or IrDA devices
hylafax Telecommunication and fax server system
java-rxtx Java serial IO library
jpilot Desktop organizer application for the palm pilot
jpilot-syncmal MAL synchronization plugin for J-Pilot
kermit Network and serial communication, file transfer, and scripting utility
kiax (V) Open internet telephony system
kyopon Tool to manipulate data of Kyocera PHS handset
libhidapi Library for comunicating with bluetooth and usb hid devices
libmal MAL convenience library
libopensync Platform independent synchronization framework
libopensync-plugin-evolution2 Platform independent synchronization framework, evo plugin
libopensync-plugin-file Platform independent synchronization framework, backup to file
libopensync-plugin-kdepim Platform independent synchronization framework, kdepim plugin
libopensync-plugin-syncml Platform independent synchronization framework, SyncML plugin
libsyncml C library implementation of the SyncML protocol
libticables2 Multi-platform linking program for TI graphing calculators
libticalcs2 Multi-platform linking program for TI graphing calculators
libticonv Multi-platform linking program for TI graphing calculators
libtifiles2 Multi-platform linking program for TI graphing calculators
lirc Linux Infrared Remote Control
lrzsz Receive/Send files via X/Y/ZMODEM protocol. (unrestrictive)
malsync Utility to synchronize Palm Pilots to the service
mgetty+sendfax Handle external logins, send and receive faxes
minicom MS-DOS Telix serial communication program workalike
modemd Replacement getty for dialup ttys and a modem server
msynctool Command line tool for opensync framework
multisync-gui GUI for libopensync
obexapp Obex application to transfer objects to mobile equipment
obexftp File copying over the Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol
op_panel Flash Operator Panel for Asterisk
openobex Implementation of the Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol
p5-Asterisk Collection of perl modules to be used with Asterisk
p5-Data-AMF Serialise/deserialise AMF Packets
p5-Device-Gsm Perl module to interface GSM cellular / modems
p5-Device-Modem Perl module to talk to modem devices connected via serial port
p5-Device-SerialPort POSIX-based Perl module to control your serial port
p5-Device-XBee-API Object-oriented Perl interface to Digi XBee module API mode
p5-pilot-link Perl bindings for pilot-link
p5-SMS-Send Driver-based API for sending SMS messages
picocom Minimal dumb-terminal emulation program
pilot-link Tools to talk to the 3Com Pilot PDA
pilot-link-libs Libraries for talking to the 3Com Pilot PDA
pilotmgr Synchronize databases on any 3Com Palm device
plp Tools to talk to the PSION organiser
py-colorama Cross-platform coloured terminal text
py-gammu Python bindings for gammu
py-phonenumbers (V) Library for formatting, storing and validating phone numbers
py-python-termstyle Console colouring for python
py-serial Python Serial Port Extension
qpage Simple and efficient paging (SNPP) client and server
ruby-termios Ruby extension to termios library
scmxx Data exchange utility for Siemens mobile phones
snooper Serial line protocol analyzer (need two serial interfaces)
spandsp Library of DSP functions for telephony
srtp Secure Real-time Transport Protocol library
synce-librapi2 Utilities/libraries to make RAPI calls on WinCE devices
synce-libsynce Library to support communication with WinCE devices
synce-rra Remote Replication Agent Connection protocol library
synce-serial Wrappers for pppd to initiate communications with WinCE devices
tilp2 Multi-platform linking program for TI graphing calculators
tkhylafax Tcl/tk interface to Sam Leffler's fax package
tn3270 Utilities for connecting to IBM VM/CMS systems
xfce4-modemlights-plugin Xfce modems monitoring plugin
xisp User-friendly X11 interface to pppd/chat
xtel Minitel(r) emulator