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Branch: pkgsrc-2018Q2, Version: 19970829, Package name: fortune-19970829, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

This version of fortune is a modification of the NetBSD fortune, as
tweaked by Florian La Roche (see below, and many thanks to Florian for
starting the update), and then massively hacked on by Amy Lewis.

I (Amy) hacked on this because it was broken; the BSD source itself is
broken (I looked at it). Specifically, if you are using an old version
of fortune, then it accesses *only* the two files "fortunes" and
"fortunes-o", even though 'fortune -[ao]f' will tell you differently.
That was my original reason to start working with the code.

Bug fixes: fortune now reads the same file list that it reports with -f.
strfile now really sorts and randomizes, instead of just setting the
'sorted' and 'randomized' flags. strfile does not lose the pointer to a
fortune that follows a null fortune.

Enhancements: fortune -f now prints percentages, whether specified on the
command line or not. fortune -m now prints filenames to stderr; the
fortunes printed to stdout can be redirected into a file which is valid
strfile format. fortune -l|s can be modified with -n _number_ to specify
the number of characters in a short fortune (default 160, as before).
The means of distinguishing between offensive and inoffensive fortunes is
changed: offensive fortunes are put in a separate subdirectory. The
contents of the fortunes databases have been extensively reviewed, and
broken into smaller, more manageable [hopefully] files.

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