./security/libtomcrypt, Tom St Deniss cryptographic library

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Branch: pkgsrc-2019Q2, Version: 1.18.2, Package name: libtomcrypt-1.18.2, Maintainer: agc

LibTomCrypt is a fairly comprehensive, modular and portable
cryptographic toolkit that provides developers with a vast array
of well known published block ciphers, one-way hash functions,
chaining modes, pseudo-random number generators, public key
cryptography and a plethora of other routines. LibTomCrypt has
been designed from the ground up to be very simple to use. It has
a modular and standard API that allows new ciphers, hashes and PRNGs
to be added or removed without change to the overall end application.
It features easy to use functions and a complete user manual which
has many source snippet examples.

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SHA1: 55bd8c2015f39bba73aca13b5e4e37f44a292b3f
RMD160: 484fa6695e84448270d45851123249276d8add8d
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   2019-07-10 17:15:36 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (8)
Log message:
Pullup ticket #5991 - requested by nia
security/libtomcrypt: security fix

Revisions pulled up:
- security/libtomcrypt/Makefile                                 1.8
- security/libtomcrypt/PLIST                                    1.3
- security/libtomcrypt/distinfo                                 1.8
- security/libtomcrypt/patches/patch-aa                         deleted
- security/libtomcrypt/patches/patch-ab                         1.4
- security/libtomcrypt/patches/patch-ac                         deleted
- security/libtomcrypt/patches/patch-src_headers_tomcrypt__macros.h deleted
- security/libtomcrypt/patches/patch-src_pk_rsa_rsa__verify__hash.c deleted

   Module Name:	pkgsrc
   Committed By:	nia
   Date:		Tue Jul  9 11:20:58 UTC 2019

   Modified Files:
   	pkgsrc/security/libtomcrypt: Makefile PLIST distinfo
   	pkgsrc/security/libtomcrypt/patches: patch-ab
   Removed Files:
   	pkgsrc/security/libtomcrypt/patches: patch-aa patch-ac

   Log message:
   libtomcrypt: Update to 1.18.2

   July 1st, 2018
         -- Fix Side Channel Based ECDSA Key Extraction (CVE-2018-12437) (PR #408)
         -- Fix potential stack overflow when DER flexi-decoding (CVE-2018-0739) \ 
(PR #373)
         -- Fix two-key 3DES (PR #390)
         -- Fix accelerated CTR mode (PR #359)
         -- Fix Fortuna PRNG (PR #363)
         -- Fix compilation on platforms where cc doesn't point to gcc (PR #382)
         -- Fix using the wrong environment variable LT instead of LIBTOOL (PR #392)
         -- Fix build on platforms where the compiler provides __WCHAR_MAX__ but \ 
wchar.h is not available (PR #390)
         -- Fix & re-factor crypt_list_all_sizes() and \ 
crypt_list_all_constants() (PR #414)
         -- Minor fixes (PR's #350 #351 #375 #377 #378 #379)

   January 22nd, 2018
         -- Fix wrong SHA3 blocksizes, thanks to Claus Fischer for reporting \ 
this via Mail (PR #329)
         -- Fix NULL-pointer dereference in `ccm_memory()` with LTC_CLEAN_STACK \ 
enabled (PR #327)
         -- Fix `ccm_process()` being unable to process input buffers longer \ 
than 256 bytes (PR #326)
         -- Fix the `register_all_{ciphers,hashes,prngs}()` return values (PR #316)
         -- Fix some typos, warnings and duplicate prototypes in code & doc \ 
(PR's #310 #320 #321 #335)
         -- Fix possible undefined behavior with LTC_PTHREAD (PR #337)
         -- Fix some DER bugs (PR #339)
         -- Fix CTR-mode when accelerator is used (OP-TEE/optee_os #2086)
         -- Fix installation procedure (Issue #340)

   October 10th, 2017
         -- Bugfix multi2
         -- Bugfix Noekeon
         -- Bugfix XTEA
         -- Bugfix rng_get_bytes() on windows where we could read from c:\dev\random
         -- Fixed the Bleichbacher Signature attack in PKCS#1 v1.5 EMSA, thanks \ 
to Alex Dent
         -- Fixed a potential cache-based timing attack in CCM, thanks to \ 
Sebastian Verschoor
         -- Fix GCM counter reuse and potential timing attacks in EAX, OCB and OCBv3,
            thanks to Raphaƫl Jamet
         -- Implement hardened RSA operations when CRT is used
         -- Enabled timing resistant calculations of ECC and RSA operations per \ 
         -- Applied some patches from the OLPC project regarding PKCS#1 and \ 
            the hash algorithms from overflowing
         -- Larry Bugbee contributed the necessary stuff to more easily call \ 
            from a dynamic language like Python, as shown in his pyTomCrypt
         -- Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos contributed RSA blinding and export of RSA \ 
and DSA keys
            in OpenSSL/GnuTLS compatible format
         -- Patrick Pelletier contributed a smart volley of patches
         -- Christopher Brown contributed some patches and additions to ASN.1/DER
         -- Pascal Brand of STMicroelectronics contributed patches regarding CCM, the
            XTS mode and RSA private key operations with keys without CRT parameters
         -- RC2 now also works with smaller key-sizes
         -- Improved/extended several tests & demos
         -- Hardened DSA and RSA by testing (through Karel's perl-CryptX)
            against Google's "Wycheproof" and Kudelski Security's \ 
         -- Fixed all compiler warnings
         -- Fixed several build issues on FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux x32 ABI, HP-UX/IA64,
            Mac OS X, Windows (32&64bit, Cygwin, MingW & MSVC) ...
         -- Re-worked all makefiles
         -- Re-worked most PRNG's
         -- The code is now verified by a linter, thanks to Francois Perrad
         -- Documentation (crypt.pdf) is now built deterministically, thanks to \ 
Michael Stapelberg
         -- Add Adler32 and CRC32 checksum algorithms
         -- Add Base64-URL de-/encoding and some strict variants
         -- Add Blake2b & Blake2s (hash & mac), thanks to Kelvin Sherlock
         -- Add Camellia block cipher
         -- Add ChaCha (stream cipher), Poly1305 (mac), ChaCha20Poly1305 (encauth)
         -- Add constant-time mem-compare mem_neq()
         -- Add DER GeneralizedTime de-/encoding
         -- Add DSA and ECC key generation FIPS-186-4 compliance
         -- Add HKDF, thanks to RyanC (especially for also providing \ 
documentation :-) )
         -- Add OCBv3
         -- Add PKCS#1 v1.5 mode of SSL3.0
         -- Add PKCS#1 testvectors from RSA
         -- Add PKCS#8 & X.509 import for RSA keys
         -- Add stream cipher API
         -- Add SHA3 & SHAKE
         -- Add SHA512/256 and SHA512/224
         -- Add Triple-DES 2-key mode, thanks to Paul Howarth
         -- Brought back Diffie-Hellman