./security/mirrordir, Directory mirroring tool

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Branch: pkgsrc-2019Q2, Version: 0.10.49nb2, Package name: mirrordir-0.10.49nb2, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Mirrordir is a suite of functions in one package. It contains the
following programs:

* pslogin: A remote login utility and daemon that provides a secure
shell. This can be considered as a GPL replacement to Ssh.

* copydir: A cp equivalent which additionally copies to and from ftp
servers. Use it to upload and download via ftp and via mirrordir's
secure daemon. Use it as a rigorous cp to correctly reproduce
hardlinks, permissions and access times.

* mirrordir: Mirrors filesystems over ftp or locally via a minimal
set of changes. It is optimised for locally mirroring a device as
an alternative to RAID devices. It duplicates file-systems in every
detail, even correctly recreating hardlinks, devices and access
times. It works well mirroring ftp sites that don't support ls-lR
summaries. Mirrordir can take a C script to customise the kind of
files to mirror based on their stat info, name, or other

* recursdir: Pass a C script to recursdir to recursively perform
operations on files. This is a fast and overkill equivalent of find.

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