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Branch: pkgsrc-2019Q3, Version: 1.1, Package name: doom-pwad-sigil-1.1, Maintainer: micha

Attention: This is a mod for Doom, not a standalone game!
It was announced at Doom's 25th anniversary on December 10, 2018 by its
designer, John Romero.

For the look & feel intended by the author, you need the original Doom or
Ultimate Doom from id Software as base (doom.wad or doomu.wad as IWAD).
If you don't have Doom, you can use Freedoom (freedoom1.wad as IWAD) to
play, but the Freedoom graphics doesn't match well to the style of this mod.

Advanced engine needed : Limit removing compatibility; playing E5 ingame
requires either ZDoom or Eternity.
Use SIGIL_COMPAT.wad for vanilla / other engines.
Primary purpose : Single play, Co-op play, Deathmatch

Baphomet was only doing Satan's bidding by placing a powerful sigil in the
teleporter out of E4M8 to bring you back to Hell. Somehow they didn't
understand that you're the reason they failed in the first place.

It's time to trash the place with your arsenal, get out of Hell, and back
to Earth to face the more advanced demons that were sent ahead.

Lock and load. Rip and tear.

Master sites:

SHA1: d150bcfd7a221f7ed7fa09d897d601f18e3c8cc1
RMD160: 9476bdde0a40cadb9ef812be667a5a6dbfd312be
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