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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
barrier Tests whether pkgsrc barriers work as expected
bootstrap-install-sh Test functionality of sysutils/install-sh
buildlink-libtool test buildlink libtool
buildlink-transform test buildlink wrapper transformation
buildlink-unwrap test buildlink unwrapping of text files
check-perms Ensures that wrong file permissions are fixed
check-portability Tests whether the portability check works as expected
compiler Tests whether the pkgsrc compilers work as expected
conf-files-spaces Demonstrates spaces in configuration file names
env-vars Demonstrates the various *_ENV variables
ignore-tools Test circular dependency avoidance logic in
make-env-phases Tests whether MAKE_ENV changes between build and install phase
make-quoting Test Makefile quoting and make(1) bugs
pkg-options Test framework
pkgfail Test PKG_FAIL_REASON
print-plist Test print-PLIST and related functionality
print-plist-python Test escaping in PRINT_PLIST_AWK
show-all Demonstrates the show-all target
tools Test whether the TOOLS do what I expect