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anthy Kana Kanji conversion system
anthy-elisp Emacs lisp files for inputmethod/anthy
brise Official Rime Schema repository
canna Kana-Kanji conversion system (meta-package)
canna-canuum Kana-Kanji conversion system (canuum)
canna-dict Kana-Kanji conversion system (dict)
canna-lib Kana-Kanji conversion system (lib)
canna-server Kana-Kanji conversion system (server)
Chinput Chinese input server
dbskkd-cdb SKK dictionary server based on cdb
fcitx Free Chinese Input Toy of X
fcitx-configtool GTK 3 Fcitx configuration tool
fcitx-qt5 Fcitx Qt5 Input Context
fcitx-skk SKK module for Fcitx
gcin Gtk Chinese INput application in X
gtk-im-libthai GTK+-2.0 Thai Input Module
ibus Intelligent Input Bus
ibus-anthy Anthy engine for IBus input platform
ibus-array Array 30 Input Method for iBus
ibus-chewing Chewing engine for IBus input platform
ibus-handwrite Handwrite recognizer for ibus
ibus-hangul Hangul engine for IBus input platform
ibus-input-pad Input Pad for IBus
ibus-kkc Japanese KKC input method for ibus
ibus-libpinyin Intelligent Pinyin engine based on libpinyin for IBus
ibus-libthai Thai imput method engine for IBus based on libthai library
ibus-m17n M17N engine for IBus platform
ibus-mozc Japanese inputmethod Mozc engine
ibus-pinyin Chinese Pinyin and Bopomofo engines for IBus input platform
ibus-python Python library for Intelligent Input Bus
ibus-qt Qt IBus library and Qt input method plugin
ibus-rime Rime Input Method Engine for Linux/IBus
ibus-skk Japanese SKK input engine for IBus
ibus-t9 IBus T9 Input Method
ibus-table Table engine for IBus platform
ibus-table-chinese Chinese tables for IBus-Table
ibus-table-others All non-Chinese tables for IBus-Table
ibus-tegaki Tegaki integration in ibus
ibus-unikey Vietnamese Input Method Engine for IBUS using Unikey IME
iiimecf Emacs Lisp library for IIIM Protocol
im-ja Japanese input module for GTK2 and XIM server
imhangul GTK+-2.0 Hangul Input Module
input-pad On-screen Input Pad to Send Characters with Mouse
ja-freewnn-lib Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Japanese client library)
ja-freewnn-server Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Japanese server)
kasumi Dictionary management tool for anthy
kimera Kanji Input MEthod for RAgamuffins
kimera-tomoe-gtk Kimera helper program for Tomoe
kinput2 Input server of Japanese text
libchewing The intelligent phonetic input method library
libchewing02 The intelligent phonetic input method library
libhangul Library used by Korean input methods
librime Rime input method engine
libskk Library to deal with Japnese kana-to-kanji conversion method
libtabe Library for Chinese language processing
m17n-im-config Configuration input methods of the m17n library
m17n-lib (V) Multilingualization library
mozc-elisp Japanese inputmethod Mozc engine
mozc-renderer Japanese inputmethod Mozc engine
mozc-server Japanese inputmethod Mozc engine
mozc-tool Japanese inputmethod Mozc engine
multiskkserv Simple skk multi-dictionary server
nabi X Input Method for Korean
novel-pinyin HMM-based sentence pinyin input method for Chinese
p5-zinnia Zinnia perl module
py-input-pad Python wrapper for Input Pad
py-zinnia Zinnia python module
ruby-zinnia Zinnia ruby module
scim Smart Common Input Method
scim-anthy SCIM IMEngine module for anthy
scim-array Array 30 Input Method Engine for SCIM
scim-canna SCIM IMEngine module for Canna
scim-ccinput SCIM IMEngine module for CCInput
scim-chewing SCIM IMEngine module for Chewing input method
scim-fcitx Fcitx ported to SCIM
scim-hangul SCIM IMEngine module for inputing korean scripts
scim-input-pad SCIM onscreen input pad
scim-m17n SCIM IMEngine module for m17n-lib
scim-pinyin SCIM IMEngine module for smart pinyin
scim-sinhala SCIM IMEngine module for Sinhala
scim-skk SCIM IMEngine module for skk
scim-tables Data files for SCIM Generic Table Input Method module
scim-tables-vietnamese-ext Scim table for Telex/VNI Vietnamese Input Method
scim-thai SCIM IMEngine module for Thai
scim-tomoe SCIM IMEngine module for Tomoe
scim-uim SCIM IMEngine module for UIM
scim-unikey Vietnamese Input Method Engine for SCIM using Unikey IME
sj3 SJ3 Japanese input method
sj3-client SJ3 Japanese input method client & library
sj3-server SJ3 Japanese input method server
skk Japanese input methods for Emacs
skk-jisyo Dictionary collection for SKK
skk-jisyo-cdb Dictionary collection for SKK
skkfep Terminal based SKK-like Kana-to-Kanji FrontEnd Processor
skkinput X11 frontend for SKK
skkserv Dictionary server for Simple Kana-Kanji conversion programs
skktools SKK dictionary manipulation tools
tamago-tsunagi IM(egg) for (Free)Wnn, Canna, sj3 and Anthy
tc T-Code driver for Emacs
tegaki-pygtk Base user interface library for the Tegaki project