./misc/dync, C language awk-like utility

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Branch: pkgsrc-2021Q4, Version: 1.1nb2, Package name: dync-1.1nb2, Maintainer: agc

The dync utility is a small, but quite useful utility, which allows
the use of C as a scripting language. This can be quite useful
****SOMETIMES****, allowing access to system calls and library functions
from the command line. For example, there are occasions when I want
to see the struct stat for a directory entry, and want to be able to
access st_mtime values, without having to parse output from "ls -l".
A simple:

int main(int argc, char **argv)
struct stat st;
if (stat(argv[1], &st) == 0) {
printf("%lld\n", st.st_mtime);

will do the job. If I was to try this by other means, I would either
have to install all of Perl, and then learn its idiosyncratic syntax,
or write a custom C program, which I would then have to compile on
each architecture I need.

This utility relies on there being a C compiler on the target machine,
and a working dlopen(3).

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