./pkgtools/pkg_distinst, Remove any distfiles not belonging to an installed package

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Branch: pkgsrc-2021Q4, Version: 0.02nb9, Package name: pkg_distinst-0.02nb9, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

This is a simple script that will synchronise the content of your ${DISTDIR}
directory with currently installed packages.

This script will delete any ${DISTFILE} in ${DISTDIR} that does not currently
have an installed package as an owner.

If you play with packages a fair bit and download some just to have a play with
and delete the package later your ${DISTDIR} can end up with a lot of orphaned
${DISTFILES}. While lintpkgsrc will help you remove outdated ${DISTFILES} it
does not do any correlation with installed packages which is the gap this
script aims to fill.

With "lintpkgsrc -or && pkg_distinst --delete" you can and up with a fairly
lean and current ${DISTDIR}.

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