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aalib ASCII Art library
adaptagrams Tools for adaptive diagrams
adwaita-icon-theme Standard GNOME icons
agg High Quality Rendering Engine for C++
ansilove ANSI and ASCII art to PNG converter
arc-theme Arch theme for GTK2, GTK3 and desktops
artist Elisp drawing package with mouse and keyboard support
asymptote Powerful descriptive vector graphics language for technical drawings
autopano-sift-C SIFT Feature Detection implementation
autotrace Convert bitmap to vector graphics
aview ASCII Art image viewer
babl Dynamic pixel conversion library
barcode Create bar codes as EPS (program and library)
bktr2jpeg Write jpeg image captured from /dev/bktr to file
blender Fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite
blender-lts Fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite
blinkenthemes Blinkenlights simulator themes
blinkentools Blinkenlights movies tools collection
box2d 2D physics engine for games
breeze-icons Breeze icon themes
cairo Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
cairo-gobject Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
cairomm C++ API for cairo (1.0 API)
cairomm1.16 C++ API for cairo (1.16 API)
cal3d Skeletal based 3d character animation library in C++
cambevao Grabs jpg images from bktr and ov511+ based USB webcams
camediaplay Digital camera downloading tool for Epson/Sanyo/Olympus/Agfa camera
camlimages Image processing library for Objective Caml
cdlabelgen Generate frontcards and traycards for CDs
Cenon Vector graphics / CAD / DTP program
cglm OpenGL Mathematics for C
charls Jpeg-ls codec library
cheese Use your webcam to take photos and videos
cinepaint Motion picture painting and image retouching program
circos Concise, explanatory, unique and print-ready data visualization
claraocr Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program for books
clutter Open GL based interactive canvas library
clutter-box2d Clutter Box2D integration library
clutter-gtk GTK+ Integration library for Clutter
clutter-gtk0.10 GTK+ Integration library for Clutter (0.10)
clutter-mx Clutter-based widget set
cnxtview Creative WEBCAM Notebook Utility Programs
cogl Modern 3D graphics API
Coin Free, portable, Open Inventor API implementation
colord Device color profile management daemon
colord-gtk Manage color profiles to accurately color input/output devices
comix Image viewer specifically designed to handle comic books
compface 48x48x1 image compression and decompression (X-face utility)
cpia2view USB cameras based CPiA2 Utility Programs
cqcam Free Color QuickCam control program
CRWInfo Extracts exposure information and thumbnails from Canon RAW files
darktable Photography workflow application
dcraw Raw digital camera decoder
deforaos-camera DeforaOS desktop camera
deforaos-icon-theme Artwork for the DeforaOS desktop
denemo GUI musical score editor written in C/GTK+
dia Program for creating diagrams of all kinds
dia-python Program for creating diagrams of all kinds (Python plugin)
digikam Advanced digital photo management application
djview4 Portable DjVu viewer and browser plugin
djvulibre-lib Compression library for scanned documents
djvulibre-tools Compression library for scanned documents
drawing Basic image editor, similar to Microsoft Paint
drawpile Collaborative drawing program
drraw (V) Simple web based presentation front-end for RRDtool
dvipng Convert TeX DVI files to PNG or GIF
dx Open Visualization Data Explorer
dxsamples Sample data for Open Visualization Data Explorer
edje Interface Abstraction Library and Toolset
elementary-xfce-icon-theme Elementary icons forked, extended and maintained for Xfce
enblend-enfuse Combines overlapping images without seams, with good exposure
eog Eye of GNOME: an image viewing and cataloging program
eom Eye of MATE: an image viewing and cataloging program
epeg Fast JPEG scaling library for thumbnail generation
erlang-eimp Erlang Image Manipulation Process
evas Enlightened Canvas Library
evas-buffer Evas buffer engine
evas-edb Evas Edb image loader
evas-eet Evas EET image loader
evas-gif Evas GIF image loader
evas-jpeg Evas JPEG image loader
evas-pmaps Evas PMAPS image loader
evas-png Evas PNG image loader
evas-software-x11 Evas software X11 engine
evas-tiff Evas TIFF image loader
evas-xpm Evas XPM image loader
ewipe Presentation editor and viewer based on Tcl/Tk
exif Grab Exif information from digital camera images
exifprobe EXIF data extractor
exiftags Utility to read Exif tags from a digital camera JPEG file
exiv2 Image metadata manipulation
extrema Visualization and data analysis tool
faba-icon-theme Modern icon theme with Tango influences
farbfeld Suckless image format with conversion tools
fbm Fuzzy Pixmap Manipulation utilities
feh Imlib2 based image viewer
fig2dev (V) Convert .fig files to graphical or printable formats
fly Command-file interface for creating and modifying PNG images
fna3d 3D graphics library for FNA
fnlib Color font rendering library for X11R6