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wip/tor-dev Anonymizing overlay network for TCP
devel/go-goptlib Library for writing Tor pluggable transports in Go
devel/go-ed25519 Ed25519 for Go
devel/go-siphash Go implementation of SipHash-2-4
net/obfs4proxy Look-like nothing obfuscation protocol
wip/ocaml-gen Simple, efficient iterators for OCaml
devel/lua-rocks Deployment and management system for Lua modules
wip/mpfi TODO: Short description of the package
devel/lua-ljsyscall LuaJIT syscall FFI for the Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD and OSX kernels
devel/py-lupa Python wrapper around Lua and LuaJIT
wip/fplll Lattice algorithms using floating-point arithmetic
wip/valgrind-netbsd Debugging and profiling tools
devel/lua-cqueues Stackable Continuation Queues for Lua
wip/LuaJIT21 Just-In-Time Compiler for the Lua programming language
math/yices2 Yices 2 SMT solver