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wip/pear-Horde_Util Useful functionalities for horde
wip/pear-Horde_Compress API for compression
wip/pear-Horde_Mime MIME manipulation for horde
wip/pear-Horde_Browser Browser informations
wip/pear-Horde_Lock Locking system for horde
wip/pear-channel-horde Adds channel to PEAR
wip/pear-Horde_Data Data import and export backends for horde
wip/shaarli Shaarli is a minimalist delicious clone
wip/pear-Horde_Support Support classes
wip/pear-Horde_Group Group management for horde
wip/pear-Horde_ActiveSync ActiveSync server
wip/pear-Horde_Injector Injection container for horde
wip/pear-Horde_Icalendar ICalendar API for horde
wip/pear-Horde_Db Database abstraction for horde
wip/dokuwiki DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use Wiki
wip/pear-Horde_Url URL manipulation class
wip/pear-Horde_Cli Command-line functionalities
wip/pear-Horde_Controller Controller part of an MVC system for horde
wip/pear-Horde_History Change tracker in horde
wip/pear-Horde_Alarm Interface dealing with alarms
wip/semanticscuttle SemanticScuttle is a social bookmarking tool
wip/pear-Horde_Stream_Wrapper Stream wrappers
wip/pear-Horde_Text_Flowed RFC 3676 encoded text manipulation for horde
wip/pear-Horde_Autoloader Autoload implementation
wip/bindgraph Tool that makes graphs from BIND queries
wip/pear-Horde_Translation Translation wrappers
wip/pear-Horde_Nls TODO: Short description of the package
wip/pear-Horde_Stream_Filter Stream filters for horde
wip/pear-Horde_Cache Caching API
wip/nag Horde task list manager
wip/pear-Horde_Log Logging package for horde
wip/pear-Horde_Exception Default exception handlers for Horde
wip/pear-Horde_Constraint Constraints builder for horde
wip/pear-Horde_Date Date manipulation
wip/pear-Horde_Auth Authentification backends