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wip/py-teng Python binding for teng
wip/py-dbglog Python binding for dbglog
wip/tinyca2 GUI written in Perl/Gtk to manage a small CA
wip/tuxanci-server Server of Czechoslovak multiplatform action game like Bulanci
wip/linux-acl Commands for Manipulating POSIX Access Control Lists
wip/py-PythonMagick Python binding for ImageMagick
wip/slim SLiM is a Desktop-independent graphical login manager for X11
wip/naturaldocs Open-source, extensible, multi-language documentation generator
wip/linux-attr The extended attribute package for acl
sysutils/gnome-commander GNOME Commander is a fast and powerful graphical filemanager
wip/grsync Grsync is a GUI for rsync
wip/cvsnt CVSNT is advanced multiplatform version control system
wip/tuxanci Czechoslovak multiplatform action game like Bulanci