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net/cia Simple IP accounting software
chat/xchat-python Python scripting plugin for XChat
pkgtools/rpm2pkg Convert RPM archives to NetBSD packages
print/tex-german LaTeX styles for German typography
net/bittorrent-gui File sharing tool (GTK+ GUI)
net/rsync Network file distribution/synchronisation utility
chat/xchat X11 (X Window System) IRC client, using the GTK2 toolkit
filesystems/fuse-ext2 FUSE file-system to mount ext2 and ext3 file system
chat/xchat-perl Perl scripting plugin for XChat
security/sslscan Fast SSL Scanner
benchmarks/dnsperf DNS server performance measurement tools
benchmarks/netio Network benchmark for OS/2 2.x, Windows NT/2000 and Unix
net/bittorrent File sharing tool
net/rtorrent Ncurses based torrent client with support for sessions
net/libtorrent BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix