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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2018-12-11 00:59:20 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
py-test: pathlib2 is needed by py27-test too

Due the if-elif condition pathlib2 was accidentally not marked as dependency
in the py27 case.
   2018-11-24 16:35:13 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-test: updated to 4.0.1

pytest 4.0.1:

Bug Fixes
- Display warnings before "short test summary info" again, but still \ 
later warnings in the end.
- Handle uninitialized exceptioninfo in repr/str.
- Do not create .gitignore/ files in existing cache directories.
- Rearrange warning handling for the yield test errors so the opt-out in 4.0.x \ 
correctly works.
- Fix collection of testpaths with --pyargs.
- Fix assertion rewriting involving Starred + side-effects.
- Ensure we resolve the absolute path when the given --basetemp is a relative path.

- Use pkg_resources.parse_version instead of LooseVersion in minversion check.
- Adjust the stack level of some internal pytest warnings.
   2018-11-11 22:56:21 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-test: updated to 3.10.1

pytest 3.10.1:

Bug Fixes
- Fix nested usage of debugging plugin (pdb), e.g. with pytester's testdir.runpytest.
- Block the stepwise plugin if cacheprovider is also blocked, as one depends on \ 
the other.
- Parse minversion as an actual version and not as dot-separated strings.
- Fix duplicate collection due to multiple args matching the same packages.
- Fix item.nodeid with resolved symlinks.
- Fix collection of direct symlinked files, where the target does not match \ 
- Fix TypeError in report_collect with _collect_report_last_write.

Trivial/Internal Changes
- Replace byte/unicode helpers in test_capture with python level syntax.
   2018-11-05 09:36:25 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-test: updated to 3.10.0

pytest 3.10.0:

* Resume capturing output after continue with \ 
  This also adds a new pytest_leave_pdb hook, and passes in pdb to the existing \ 
pytest_enter_pdb hook.
* Add -sw, --stepwise as an alternative to --lf -x for stopping at the first \ 
failure, but starting the next test invocation from that test. See the \ 
documentation for more info.
* Make --color emit colorful dots when not running in verbose mode. Earlier, it \ 
would only colorize the test-by-test output if --verbose was also passed.
* Improve performance with collection reporting in non-quiet mode with terminals.
  The “collecting …” message is only printed/updated every 0.5s.

Bug Fixes
* Fix false RemovedInPytest4Warning: usage of Session... is deprecated, please \ 
use pytest warnings.
* Fix problems with running tests in package files.
* Swallow warnings during anonymous compilation of source.
* Fix access denied error when deleting stale directories created by tmpdir / \ 
* Naming a fixture request will now raise a warning: the request fixture is \ 
internal and should not be overwritten as it will lead to internal errors.
* Handle (ignore) exceptions raised during collection, e.g. with Django’s \ 
LazySettings proxy class.

Improved Documentation
* Added missing documentation about the fact that module names passed to filter \ 
warnings are not regex-escaped.

Trivial/Internal Changes
* Display cachedir also in non-verbose mode if non-default.
* pdb: improve message about output capturing with set_trace.
  Do not display “IO-capturing turned off/on” when -s is used to avoid confusion.
* Improve message and stack level of warnings issued by monkeypatch.setenv when \ 
the value of the environment variable is not a str.
   2018-10-29 09:25:08 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-test: updated to 3.9.3

pytest 3.9.3:
Bug Fixes
* Fix “ValueError: Plugin already registered” with conftest plugins via symlink.
* Handle race condition between creation and deletion of temporary folders.
* Fix bug where the warning summary at the end of the test session was not \ 
showing the test where the warning was originated.
* Fix regression when stacklevel for warnings was passed as positional argument \ 
on python2.

Improved Documentation
* Add reference to empty_parameter_set_mark ini option in documentation of \ 

Trivial/Internal Changes
* Revert patching of sys.breakpointhook since it appears to do nothing.
* Apply an import sorter (reorder-python-imports) to the codebase.
* Remove use of unnecessary compat shim, six.binary_type
   2018-10-23 08:34:00 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-test: updated to 3.9.2

pytest 3.9.2:

Bug Fixes
* Improve error message when a recursive dependency between fixtures is detected.
* Fix logging messages not shown in hooks pytest_sessionstart() and \ 
* Fix unescaped XML raw objects in JUnit report for skipped tests
* Python 2: safely format warning message about passing unicode strings to \ 
warnings.warn, which may cause surprising MemoryError exception when monkey \ 
patching warnings.warn itself.
* Improve error message when it is not possible to determine a function’s \ 
* Pin setuptools>=40.0 to support py_modules in setup.cfg
* Restore the tmpdir behaviour of symlinking the current test run.
* Fix filename reported by warnings.warn when using recwarn under python2.
   2018-10-18 12:11:25 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-test: updated to 3.9.1

pytest 3.9.1:
- For test-suites containing test classes, the information about the subclassed \ 
module is now output only if a higher verbosity level is specified (at least \ 

pytest 3.9.0:
- The following accesses have been documented as deprecated for years, but are \ 
now actually emitting deprecation warnings.
Access of Module, Function, Class, Instance, File and Item through Node \ 
instances. Now users will this warning:
usage of Function.Module is deprecated, please use pytest.Module instead
Users should just import pytest and access those objects using the pytest module.
request.cached_setup, this was the precursor of the setup/teardown mechanism \ 
available to fixtures. You can consult funcarg comparison section in the docs.
Using objects named "Class" as a way to customize the type of nodes \ 
that are collected in Collector subclasses has been deprecated. Users instead \ 
should use pytest_collect_make_item to customize node types during collection.
This issue should affect only advanced plugins who create new collection types, \ 
so if you see this warning message please contact the authors so they can change \ 
the code.
The warning that produces the message below has changed to RemovedInPytest4Warning:
getfuncargvalue is deprecated, use getfixturevalue
- Add a Deprecation warning for pytest.ensuretemp as it was deprecated since a while.

- Improve usage errors messages by hiding internal details which can be \ 
distracting and noisy.
This has the side effect that some error conditions that previously raised \ 
generic errors (such as ValueError for unregistered marks) are now raising \ 
Failed exceptions.
- Improve the error displayed when a file could not be imported.
In order to implement this, a new chain parameter was added to \ 
ExceptionInfo.getrepr to show or hide chained tracebacks in Python 3 (defaults \ 
to True).
- Add empty_parameter_set_mark=fail_at_collect ini option for raising an \ 
exception when parametrize collects an empty set.
- Log messages generated in the collection phase are shown when live-logging is \ 
enabled and/or when they are logged to a file.
- Introduce tmp_path as a fixture providing a Path object.
- Deprecation warnings are now shown even if you customize the warnings filters \ 
yourself. In the previous version any customization would override pytest’s \ 
filters and deprecation warnings would fall back to being hidden by default.
- Allow specification of timeout for Testdir.runpytest_subprocess() and \
- Add returncode argument to pytest.exit() to exit pytest with a specific return \ 
- Reimplement pytest.deprecated_call using pytest.warns so it supports the \ 
match='...' keyword argument.
This has the side effect that pytest.deprecated_call now raises \ instead of AssertionError.
- Require setuptools>=30.3 and move most of the metadata to setup.cfg.

Bug Fixes
- Improve error message when test functions of unittest.TestCase subclasses use \ 
a parametrized fixture.
- request.fixturenames now correctly returns the name of fixtures created by \ 
- Warning filters passed as command line options using -W now take precedence \ 
over filters defined in ini configuration files.
- Fix source reindenting by using textwrap.dedent directly.
- pytest.warn will capture previously-warned warnings in Python 2. Previously \ 
they were never raised.
- Resolve symbolic links for args.
This fixes running pytest tests/, where tests is a symlink \ 
to project/app/tests: previously project/app/ would be ignored for \ 
fixtures then.
- Fix duplicate printing of internal errors when using --pdb.
- pathlib based tmpdir cleanup now correctly handles symlinks in the folder.
- Display the filename when encountering SyntaxWarning.

Improved Documentation
- Update usefixtures documentation to clarify that it can’t be used with \ 
fixture functions.
- Update fixture documentation to specify that a fixture can be invoked twice in \ 
the scope it’s defined for.
- According to unittest.rst, setUpModule and tearDownModule were not \ 
implemented, but it turns out they are. So updated the documentation for \ 
- Add tempir testing example to CONTRIBUTING.rst guide
Trivial/Internal Changes
- The internal MarkerError exception has been removed.
- Port the implementation of tmpdir to pathlib.
- Exclude 0.00 second entries from --duration output unless -vv is passed on the \ 
- Fixed formatting of string literals in internal tests.
   2018-10-03 11:58:11 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-test: updated to 3.8.2

pytest 3.8.2:

Deprecations and Removals
* The item parameter of pytest_warning_captured hook is now documented as \ 
deprecated. We realized only after the 3.8 release that this parameter is \ 
incompatible with pytest-xdist.

Our policy is to not deprecate features during bugfix releases, but in this case \ 
we believe it makes sense as we are only documenting it as deprecated, without \ 
issuing warnings which might potentially break test suites. This will get the \ 
word out that hook implementers should not use this parameter at all.

In a future release item will always be None and will emit a proper warning when \ 
a hook implementation makes use of it.

Bug Fixes
* Fix reload on assertion rewritten modules.
* The .user_properties attribute of TestReport objects is a list of (name, \ 
value) tuples, but could sometimes be instantiated as a tuple of tuples. It is \ 
now always a list.
* No longer issue warnings about using pytest_plugins in non-top-level \ 
directories when using --pyargs: the current --pyargs mechanism is not reliable \ 
and might give false negatives.
* Exclude empty reports for passed tests when -rP option is used.
* Improve error message when an invalid Python expression is passed to the -m option.
* MonkeyPatch.setenv and MonkeyPatch.delenv issue a warning if the environment \ 
variable name is not str on Python 2.

In Python 2, adding unicode keys to os.environ causes problems with subprocess \ 
(and possible other modules), making this a subtle bug specially susceptible \ 
when used with from __future__ import unicode_literals.

Improved Documentation
* Add possible values for fixture scope to docs.
   2018-09-24 10:06:29 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-test: updated to 3.8.1

pytest 3.8.1:

Bug Fixes
* .pytest_cache directory is now automatically ignored by Git. Users who would \ 
like to contribute a solution for other SCMs please consult/comment on this \ 
* Fix the following error during collection of tests inside packages:
  TypeError: object of type 'Package' has no len()
* Fix bug where indirect parametrization would consider the scope of all \ 
fixtures used by the test function to determine the parametrization scope, and \ 
not only the scope of the fixtures being parametrized.
* Fix crash of the assertion rewriter if a test changed the current working \ 
directory without restoring it afterwards.
* Fix issue that prevented some caplog properties (for example record_tuples) \ 
from being available when entering the debugger with --pdb.
* Fix UnicodeDecodeError in python2.x when a class returns a non-ascii binary \ 
__repr__ in an assertion which also contains non-ascii text.

Improved Documentation
* New Deprecations and Removals page shows all currently deprecated features, \ 
the rationale to do so, and alternatives to update your code. It also list \ 
features removed from pytest in past major releases to help those with ancient \ 
pytest versions to upgrade.

Trivial/Internal Changes
* Improve pre-commit detection for changelog filenames
* Remove legacy code around im_func as that was python2 only
   2018-09-07 10:55:43 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-test: updated to 3.8.0

pytest 3.8.0:

Deprecations and Removals
- Config.warn has been deprecated, it should be replaced by calls to the \ 
standard warnings.warn.
  Node.warn now supports two signatures:
  * node.warn(PytestWarning("some message")): is now the recommended \ 
way to call this function. The warning
    instance must be a PytestWarning or subclass  instance.
  * node.warn("CI", "some message"): this code/message form \ 
is now deprecated and should be converted to
    the warning instance form above.
  RemovedInPytest4Warning and PytestExperimentalApiWarning are now part of the \ 
public API and should be accessed
  using pytest.RemovedInPytest4Warning and pytest.PytestExperimentalApiWarning.
- @pytest.mark.filterwarnings second parameter is no longer regex-escaped,
  making it possible to actually use regular expressions to check the warning \ 
  **Note**: regex-escaping the match string was an implementation oversight that \ 
might break test suites which depend
  on the old behavior.

- Internal pytest warnings are now issued using the standard warnings module, \ 
making it possible to use
  the standard warnings filters to manage those warnings. This introduces \ 
  PytestDeprecationWarning and RemovedInPytest4Warning warning types as part of \ 
the public API.
- DeprecationWarning and PendingDeprecationWarning are now shown by default if \ 
no other warning filter is
- Add option to disable plugin auto-loading.
- Added the count option to console_output_style to enable displaying the \ 
progress as a count instead of a percentage.
- Added support for 'xfailed' and 'xpassed' outcomes to the \ 
pytester.RunResult.assert_outcomes signature.
- Terminal writer now takes into account unicode character width when writing \ 
out progress.
- Pytest now returns with correct exit code (EXIT_USAGEERROR, 4) when called \ 
with unknown arguments.
- Improve performance of assertion rewriting.

- Added a blurb in usage.rst for the usage of -r flag which is used to show an \ 
extra test summary info.
- Corrected type of the exceptions collection passed to xfail: raises argument \ 
accepts a tuple instead of list.

Trivial/Internal Changes
- Removed "run all (no recorded failures)" message printed with \ 
--failed-first and --last-failed when there are no failed tests.

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