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History of commit frequency

CVS Commit History:

   2018-02-24 11:13:56 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
neomutt: update to 20180223.

2018-02-23  Richard Russon  <>
* Features
  - browser: `<goto-parent>` function bound to "p"
  - editor: `<history-search>` function bound to "Ctrl-r"
  - Cygwin support:
  - OpenSUSE support:
  - Upstream Homebrew support: Very soon -
* Bug Fixes
  - gmail server-size search
  - nested-if: correctly handle "<" and ">" with %?
  - display of special chars
  - lua: enable myvars
  - for pgpewrap in default gpg.rc
  - reply_regexp which wasn't formatted correctly.
  - parsing of urls containing '?'
  - out-of-bounds read in mutt_str_lws_len
* Translations
  - Review fuzzy lt translations
  - Updated French translation
* Website
  - Installation guide for Cygwin
  - Installation guide for OpenSUSE
  - Installation guide for CRUX
* Build
  - check that DTDs are installed
  - autosetup improvements
  - option for which version of bdb to use
  - drop test for resizeterm -- it's always present
* Code
  - split if's containing assignments
  - doxygen: add/improve comments
  - rename functions / parameters for consistency
  - add missing {}s for clarity
  - move functions to library
  - reduce scope of variables
  - boolify more variables
  - iwyu: remove unnecessary headers
  - name unicode chars
  - tailq: migrate parameter api
  - md5: refactor and tidy
  - rfc2047: refactor and tidy
  - buffer: improvements
  - create unit test framework
  - fix several coverity defects
* Upstream
  - Fix s/mime certificate deletion bug
  - Disable message security if the backend is not available
  - Fix improper signed int conversion of IMAP uid and msn values
  - Change imap literal counts to parse and store unsigned ints
  - Fix imap status count range check
  - cmd_handle_fatal: make error message a bit more descriptive
  - Create pgp and s/mime default and sign_as key vars
  - Add missing setup calls when resuming encrypted drafts
  - mutt_pretty_size: show real number for small files
  - examine_directory: set directory/symlink size to zero
  - Add history-search function, bound to ctrl-r
  - Avoid a potential integer overflow if a Content-Length value is huge
   2017-12-21 13:22:13 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
neomutt: update to 20171215.

The previous release was the last one supporting autotools,
so switch to autosetup build. Adapt options.

2017-12-15  Richard Russon  <>
* Bug Fixes
  - Fix some regressions in the previous release
   2017-12-13 18:54:49 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
neomutt: update to 20171208.

2017-12-08  Richard Russon  <>
* Features
  - Enhance ifdef feature to support my_ vars
  - Add <edit-or-view-raw-message>
  - Remove vim syntax file from the main repo
  - Support reading FQDN from mailname files
* Bug Fixes
  - Do not turn CRLF into LF when dealing with transfer-encoding=base64
  - Cleanup "SSL is unavailable" error in mutt_conn_find
  - Don't clear the macro buffer during startup
  - Fixup smart modify-labels-then-hide for !tag case
  - Add sleep after SMTP error
  - Restore folder settings after folder-hook
  - Fix segfault when pipe'ing a deleted message
* Docs
  - Display_filter escape sequence
  - Correct spelling mistakes
  - Add a sentence to quasi-delete docs
  - Modify gpg.rc to accommodate GPG 2.1 changes
* Build
  - Fix build for RHEL6
  - Define NCURSES_WIDECHAR to require wide-char support from ncurses
  - Autosetup: fix check for missing sendmail
  - Respect --with-ssl path
  - Check that OpenSSL md5 supports -r before using it
  - Autosetup: expand --everything in `neomutt -v`
  - Make sure objects are not compiled before git_ver.h is generated
  - Build: fix update-po target
  - Fix out-of-tree builds
  - Fix stdout + stderr redirection in
  - Build: moved the check for idn before the check for notmuch
  - Define prefix in Makefile.autosetup
  - Install stuff to $(PACKAGE) in $(libexecdir), not $(libdir)
  - Update autosetup to latest master
* Code
  - Rename files
  - Rename functions
  - Rename variables
  - Rename constants
  - Remove unused parameters
  - Document functions
  - Rearrange functions
  - Move functions to libraries
  - Add new library functions
  - Rearrange switch statements
  - Boolification
  - Drop #ifdef DEBUG
  - Fix Coverity defects
  - Insert braces
  - Split ifs
  - Fallthrough
  - Fix shadow variable
  - Replace mutt_debug with a macro
  - Return early where possible
* Upstream
  - Note which ssl config vars are GnuTLS or OpenSSL only
  - Add message count to $move quadoption prompt
  - Add %R (number of read messages) for $status_format
  - Add $change_folder_next option to control mailbox suggestion order
  - Fix $smart_wrap to not be disabled by whitespace-prefixed lines
  - Remove useless else branch in the $smart_wrap code
  - Fix ansi escape sequences with both reset and color parameters
   2017-11-23 16:43:51 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
neomutt: bump revision for notmuch dependency change to gmime3
   2017-11-13 12:57:11 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
neomutt: update to 20171027.

neomutt is now called 'neomutt' instead of 'mutt'. Remove conflict
with mutt.

2017-10-27  Richard Russon  <>
* Bug Fixes
  - variable type when using fread
  - prevent timezone overflow
  - tags: Show fake header for all backends
  - notmuch: virtual-mailboxes should accept a limit
  - Issue 888: Fix imap mailbox flag logging
  - fix actions on tagged messages
  - call the folder-hook before saving to $record
  - Fix smart wrap in pager without breaking header
  - Add polling for the IDLE command
* Docs
  - imap/notmuch tags: Add some documentation
  - English and other cleanups
  - compressed and nntp features are now always built
* Website
  - Update Arch instructions
* Build
  - Fix update-po
  - Fix neomutt.pot location, remove from git
  - Allow to specify --docdir at configure time
  - Generate neomuttrc even if configured with --disable-doc
  - Let autosetup define PWD, do not unnecessarily try to create hcache dir
  - Use bundled wcscasecmp if an implementation is not found in libc
  - Use host compiler to build the documentation
  - Update autosetup to latest master branch
  - autosetup: delete makedoc on 'make clean'
  - Fixes for endianness detection
  - Update autosetup to latest master branch
  - Do not use CPPFLAGS / CFLAGS together with CC_FOR_BUILD
  - --enable-everything includes lua
  - autosetup: check for sys_siglist[]
* Code
  - move functions to library
  - lib: move MIN/MAX macros
  - simplify null checks
  - kill preproc expansion laziness
  - reduce scope of variables
  - merge: minor code cleanups
  - split up 'if' statements that assign and test
  - Refactor: Remove unused return type
  - Bool: change functions in mx.h
  - bool: convert function parameters in nntp.h
  - add extra checks to mutt_pattern_exec()
  - Use safe_calloc to initialize memory, simplify size_t overflow check
  - Move mutt_rename_file to lib/file.[hc]
  - doxygen: fix a few warnings
  - minor code fixes
  - use mutt_array_size()
  - refactor out O_NOFOLLOW
  - initialise variables
  - lib: move List and Queue into library
  - url: make notmuch query string parser generic
  - Wrap dirname(3) inside a mutt_dirname() function

2017-10-13  Richard Russon  <>
* Bug Fixes
  - crash using uncolor
  - Sort the folders list when browsing an IMAP server
  - Prefer a helpful error message over a BEEP
* Build
  - Do not fail if deflate is not in libz
  - Support EXTRA_CFLAGS and EXTRA_LDFLAGS, kill unused variable

2017-10-06  Richard Russon  <>
* Features
  - Add IMAP keywords support
* Bug Fixes
  - set mbox_type
  - %{fmt} date format
  - Fix off-by-one buffer overflow in add_index_color
  - crash in mbox_to_udomain
  - crash in mutt_substrdup
  - crash looking up mime body type
  - digest_collapse was broken
  - crash using notmuch expando with imap
  - imap: Fix mx.mbox leak in imap_get_parent_path
  - overflow in mutt_mktime()
  - add more range-checking on dates/times
  - Remove spurious error message
  - Unsubscribe after deleting an imap folder
  - Do not pop from MuttrcStack what wasn't pushed
* Docs
  - replace mutt refs with neomutt
  - drop old vim syntax file
* Code
  - convert functions to use 'bool'
  - convert structs to use STAILQ
* Build
  - Autosetup-based configuration
  - drop upstream mutt references
  - rename everything 'mutt' to 'neomutt'
  - move helper programs to lib dir
  - rename regexp to regex
  - expand buffers to avoid gcc7 warnings
* Upstream
  - Remove \Seen flag setting for imap trash
  - Change imap copy/save and trash to sync flags, excluding deleted
  - Improve imap fetch handler to accept an initial UID
  - Display an error message when delete mailbox fails
  - Updated French translation
  - Fix imap sync segfault due to inactive headers during an expunge
  - Close the imap socket for the selected mailbox on error
  - Add missing IMAP_CMD_POLL flag in imap buffy check
  - Change maildir and mh check_mailbox to use dynamic sized hash
  - Fix uses of context->changed as a counter
  - Make cmd_parse_fetch() more precise about setting reopen/check flags
  - Enable $reply_self for group-reply, even with $metoo unset
   2017-10-10 10:27:28 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
neomutt: Remove duplicate option, no functional change.
   2017-10-10 10:19:02 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
neomutt: Register conflict with mutt.  Bump PKGREVISION.
   2017-09-13 16:56:14 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
neomutt: update to 20170912.

2017-09-12  Richard Russon  <>
* Bug Fixes
  - broken check on resend message
  - crash in vfolder-from-query
* Build
  - Be more formal about quoting in m4 macros
  - fix warnings raised by gcc7
  - notmuch: add support for the v5 API
   2017-09-07 16:10:01 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated neomutt to 20170907.

2017-09-07  Richard Russon  <>
* Contrib
  - Add guix build support
* Bug Fixes
  - Only match real mailboxes when looking for new mail
  - Fix the printing of ncurses version in -v output
  - Bind editor \<delete\> to delete-char
  - Fix overflowing colours
  - Fix empty In-Reply-To generation
  - Trim trailing slash from completed dirs
  - Add guix-neomutt.scm
  - Fix setting custom query_type in notmuch query
* Website
  - New technical documentation LINK
  - Improve Gentoo distro page
* Build
  - Better curses identification
  - Use the system's wchar_t support
  - Use the system's md5 tool (or equivalent)
  - Clean up
  - Teach gen-map-doc about the new opcode header
* Source
  - Rename functions (snake_case)
  - Rename constants/defines (UPPER_CASE)
  - Create library of shared functions
  - Much tidying
  - Rename globals to match user config
  - Drop unnecessary functions/macros
  - Use a standard list implementation
  - Coverity fixes
  - Use explicit NUL for string terminators
  - Drop OPS\* in favour of opcodes.h
* Upstream
  - Fix menu color calls to occur before positioning the cursor
  - When guessing an attachment type, don't allow text/plain if there is a null \ 
  - Add $imap_poll_timeout to allow mailbox polling to time out
  - Handle error if REGCOMP in pager fails when resizing
  - Change recvattach to allow nested encryption
  - Fix attachment check_traditional and extract_keys operations
  - Add edit-content-type helper and warning for decrypted attachments
  - Add option to run command to query attachment mime type
  - Add warning about using inline pgp with format=flowed
   2017-09-03 10:53:18 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (165)
Log message:
Follow some redirects.

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