./cross/avrdude, Downloader/uploader for Atmel AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 6.3, Package name: avrdude-6.3, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

AVRDUDE - AVR Downloader/UploaDEr - is a program for updating the
flash, eeprom, and fuse bit memories of Atmel AVR microcontrollers.
Avrdude supports a wide variety of chip programmers (including the
widely used STK500) that attach to the serial port, and, if supported
by the underlying OS, to the parallel port.

Required to run:
[devel/libelf] [devel/libusb] [devel/readline] [devel/libftdi] [devel/libusb1] [devel/libftdi1] [devel/libhid]

Required to build:
[print/dvipsk] [print/tex-pdftex] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

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SHA1: c6a84df8f6392b671e546efab42dff64e60cfcab
RMD160: 245c20fa6f6be274093f43fa4932295ea47dafaa
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   2017-02-21 17:05:53 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Requires libtool.
   2017-01-29 03:24:54 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated cross/avrdude to 6.3
Version 6.3:
  * Major changes compared to the previous version:
    - Backout of
      patch #8380: adds 500k 1M 2M baud to ser_posix.c
      It broke the functionality in too many situations
      (bug #46610/46483)

  * New devices supported:
    - ATmega48PB, ATmega88PB, ATmega168PB
    - ATtiny28 (HVPP-only device)

  * New programmers supported:
    - Atmel mEDBG: xplainedmini, xplainedmini_dw

  * Bugfixes
    - bug #46610: Floating point exception (core dumped) arch linux rpi2
    - bug #46483: version 6.2. ser_open(): can't set attributes for device
    - patch #8435: Implementing mEDBG CMSIS-DAP protocol
    - patch #8735: ATtiny28 support in avrdude.conf
    - patch #8896: Silence cppcheck warnings in 6.2 code
    - patch #8895: Spelling in 6.2 code

Version 6.2:
  * Major changes compared to the previous version:
    - The stk500v2 implementation now uses its own higher-level
      command implementation for byte-wide access, rather than the
      historic SPI_MULTI command where all the low-level ISP
      implementation had to be assembled manually inside AVRDUDE.  In
      addition to the traditional STK500, this implementation is also
      used by all the more modern Atmel tools (AVRISPmkII, JTAGICEmkII
      in ISP mode, STK600 in ISP mode).

    - The -B option can be suffixed with "Hz", "kHz", or \ 
"MHz", in
      order to specify a bitclock frequency rather than period.

    - Print part id after signature (patch #8440 )

    - buspirate: Also support "cpufreq" extended parameter
      in binary mode (patch #8504 )

    - The "-P net:" syntax (forwarding of serial data over TCP) is now
      also implemented for Win32 systems.

    - Allow for arbitrary serial baudrates under Linux (OSX and *BSD
      could already handle it).

  * New devices supported:
    - AT90PWM216 (bug #42310: New part description for AT90PWM216)
    - ATmega32M1 (patch #7694 Add support for the atmega32m1)

  * New programmers supported:
    - ftdi_syncbb
      + uncompatino, ttl232r (FTDI TTL232R-5V with ICSP adapter)
        (patch #8529 2 more ftdi_syncbb devices)

  * Bugfixes
    - bug #45727: Wrong atmega8u2 flash parameters
    - bug #46020: Add TIAO TUMPA to the conf file.
    - bug #46021: Please add read in the memory lock section of ATtiny85
    - bug #42337 avrdude.conf updates for UM232H/CM232H
    - bug #42056: double free or corruption triggered at exit
    - bug #42158: Linux GPIO - Source Typo
    - bug #42516 spelling-error-in-binary
    - patch #8419 fix ftdi_syncbb hang with libftdi 1
    - bug #43002 usbasp debug output typo
    - patch #8511 Fix reset on FT245R
    - bug #40142 Floating point exception on Ubuntu 10.04
    - bug #22248: Read efuse error (partial fix)
    - bug #42267: jtag3isp fails to read lock and fuse bytes directly
                  after changing lock byte
    - bug #41561: AVRDUDE 6.0.1/USBasp doesn't write first bytes of
                  flash page
    - bug #43078: AVRDUDE crashes after sucessfully reading/writing eeprom
    - bug #43137: Writing and reading incorrect pages when using jtagicemkI
    - bug #40870: config nitpick: ATtiny25/45/85 have 1 calibration byte not 2
    - bug #42908: no external reset at JTAGICE3
    - patch #8437: [PATCH] Serial-over-ethernet for Win32
    - bug #44717: avrdude creates empty flash dump

  * Internals:
    - Removing exit calls from config parser
    - bug #42662 clang warnings under FreeBSD 10.x
   2015-11-03 01:47:45 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (40)
Log message:
Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for cross category

Existing SHA1 digests verified, all found to be the same on the
machine holding the existing distfiles (morden).  Existing SHA1
digests retained for now as an audit trail.
   2015-01-18 07:18:58 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
PKGREVISION++, by converting (duplicated) libconfuse to confuse. Thanks gdt@.
   2014-10-07 17:50:03 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Sorry, removing left out patch.
   2014-10-07 17:10:29 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update avrdude 6.0.1 to 6.1
  * Major changes compared to the previous version:
    - Atmel EDBG protocol support added (JTAGICE3, XplainedPro, Atmel-ICE)

  * New programmers supported:
    - Atmel DFU, using FLIP protocol version 1 (AT90USB and ATmega*U* devices),
      or version 2 (Xmega devices)
    - Atmel-ICE (ARM/AVR), JTAG, PDI, debugWIRE, ISP modi

  * Bugfixes
    - bug #40055: AVRDUDE segfaults when writing eeprom
    - bug #40085: Typo fix in fuses report (for 6.1-svn-20130917)
    - bug #40782: Verify errors for object size > 16 k on x32e5 due
      to typo in avrdude.conf
    - bug #40817: Elf file support (possibly) not working on 6.0.1 windows build
    - bug #40897: AT Mega2560 not correctly programmed with stk500(v1)
      ISP (solution patch)
    - bug #41357: OS X: Avrdude messes with the usb stack?
    - bug #41402: dfu.c missing include <stdint.h>
    - patch #7896: DFU FLIPv2 programming support
    - patch #XXXX: xxx

  * Internals:
    - (Some) programmers can take a list of USB PIDs now.
   2013-12-06 08:27:15 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
 - Bump version 5.11 to 6.0.1
   (See cvs log for Makefile for changes).
 - Add patches/patch-fileio_c to avoid following problem:
  fileio.c:957:3: warning: implicit declaration of function 'elf_getshdrstrndx'
   2013-12-06 08:23:56 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
(Upstream) Bump version 5.11 to 6.0.1
Version 6.0.1:
  * Major changes compared to the previous version:
    - Programmer types in configuration file are no longer keywords but
      specified as string.

      So you need to change 'type = XYZ;' to 'type = "XYZ";' in own
      config files.  (internal: The parser does not need to know all
      programmer types now, new programmers will update only the table
      in pgm_type.c.)

    - The erase cycle counter (formerly options -y / -Y) has been

    - Specifying a -U option without a memory type (short form of
      option argument list) now defaults to "application" memory for
      Xmega devices, and "flash" for everything else.  This ensures
      the Xmega bootloader is not accidentally touched.

    - For programmers that support it, the default erase method is a
      page erase now, rather than a chip erase (Xmega only).

    - Keep track of input file contents

      Memory segments are being tracked to remember whether they've
      been actually read from a file.  Only segments that came from a
      file are being programmed into the device, or considered for
      verification.  This drastically improves handling speed for
      sparse files (e.g. files that have a second bootloader segment),
      and it ensures the device contents is actually compared for
      everything mentioned in the file (even in case the file has
      large 0xFF blocks).

    - The -U option now accepts ELF files as input files, and extracts
      the appropriate section contents that matches the requested memory
      region.  To enable this feature, the host system used for the
      compilation must have a libelf around, including the respective
      header files (i.e., package "libelf-devel" on many Linux systems).

    - Programmers and parts lists

      They are now sorted at output with '-c ?'/'-p ?'. (patch #7671:
      Sorting programmers and parts lists for console output)

      Programmers and parts lists in documentation generated from lists
      mentioned above. (patch #7687: Autogenerating programmers and
      parts lists for docs)

      Output list of programmer types with '-c ?type', add list to

    - Configuration files now accepts parent parts/programmers, parts
      starting with '.' (eg. .xmega) are not included in output parts
      list and can be used as abstract parents

      (bug #34302: Feature request : device configuration with parent classes)
      (patch #7688: Implement parent programmers feature)

    - Additional config files which are read after default can be
      specified on command line using '-C +filename'

      (patch #7699 Read additional config files)

    - "Safemode" can now be turned off by default from within a
      configuration file (like ~/.avrduderc).

    - The new option -l logfile allows to redirect diagnostic messages
      to a logfile rather than stderr.  Useful to record debugging
      traces, in particular in environments which do not offer
      shell-style redirection functionality for standard streams.

    - When leaving debugWIRE mode, immediately retry with ISP rather
      than bailing out completely.

    - The USBasp programmer implementation now supports detailed traces
      with -vvv, and device communication traces with -vvvv.

    - The "verbose" terminal mode command allows to query or modify the
      verbosity level.

  * New devices supported:
    - ATmega48P (patch #7629 add support for atmega48p)
    - AT90PWM316 (bug #21797: AT90PWM316: New part description)
    - ATxmega16D4, ATxmega32D4, ATxmega64D4, ATxmega128D4
    - ATmega256RFR2, ATmega128RFR2, ATmega64RFR2, ATmega2564RFR2,
      ATmega1284RFR2, ATmega644RFR2
    - ATtiny1634
    - ATxmega128A1U, ATxmega128A3U, ATxmega128A4U, ATxmega128B1,
      ATxmega128B3, ATxmega128C3, ATxmega128D3, ATxmega16A4U,
      ATxmega16C4, ATxmega192A3U, ATxmega192C3, ATxmega192D3,
      ATxmega256A3BU, ATxmega256A3U, ATxmega256C3, ATxmega256D3,
      ATxmega32A4U, ATxmega32C4, ATxmega384C3, ATxmega384D3,
      ATxmega64A1U, ATxmega64A3U, ATxmega64A4U, ATxmega64B1,
      ATxmega64B3, ATxmega64C3, ATxmega64D3
    - ATtiny43U
    - ATmega406
    - ATxmega8E5, ATxmega16E5, ATxmega32E5
    - ATtiny20, ATtiny40

  * New programmers supported:
    - linuxgpio
      + any (embedded) Linux system with 4 GPIOs available can be used
        as a programmer with little or no additional hardware.

    - avrftdi
      + o-link (patch #7672 adding support for O-Link (FTDI based
        JTAG) as programmer)
      + 4232h (patch #7715 FT4232H support)
    - TPI support
      + openmoko (bug #37977 Support for Openmoko Debug Board)

    - usbasp
      + nibobee (previously specified as '-c usbasp -P nibobee)
      + usbasp-clone (same as usbasp but ignores vendor and product
        string, checks only vid/pid)

    - ftdi_syncbb (new type for synchronous bitbanging with ft232r/ft245r)
      + ft245r (FT245R Synchronous BitBang, miso = D1, sck = D0, mosi
        = D2, reset = D4)
      + ft232r (FT232R Synchronous BitBang, miso = RxD, sck = RTS,
        mosi = TxD, reset = DTR)
      + bwmega (BitWizard ftdi_atmega builtin programmer, miso = DSR,
        sck = DCD, mosi = CTS, reset = RI)
      + arduino-ft232r (Arduino: FT232R connected to ISP, miso = CTS
        X3(1), sck = DSR X3(2), mosi = DCD X3(3), reset = RI X3(4))
      + diecimila (alias for arduino-ft232r)

    - pickit2
    - Atmel JTAGICE3
    - buspirate_bb (TPI programming using the BusPirate in bitbang mode)

  * Bugfixes
      - bug #34027: avrdude AT90S1200 Problem
      - bug #34518: loading intel hex files > 64k using record-type 4
      - patch #7667: Minor memory handling fixes
      - patch #7680: Fixing timeout problem in ser_recv in ser_win32.c
      - patch #7693: Fix config file atmel URLs (+ URLs in
        avrdude.texi and avrpart.h)
      - bug #21663: AT90PWM efuse incorrect, bug #30438: efuse bits
        written as 0 on at90pwmxx parts
      - bug #35261: avrftdi uses wrong interface in avrftdi_paged_(write|load)
      - patch #7437 modifications to Bus Pirate module
      - patch #7686 Updating buspirate ascii mode to current firmware,
        use AUX as clock generator, and setting of serial receive
      - bug #34768 Proposition: Change the name of the AVR32 devices
      - patch #7718: Merge global data of avrftdi in a private data
      - bug #35208: avrdude 5.11 on freebsd 8.2-STABLE does not reset
        Arduino Uno properly
      - bug #34518: loading intel hex files > 64k using record-type 4
        (Extended Linear Address Record)
      - bug #34027: avrdude AT90S1200 Problem
      - bug #30451: Accessing some Xmega memory sections gives not
        supported error
      - bug #28744: Can't load bootloader to xmega128a1
      - bug #29019: pagel/bs2 warning when uploading using stk500 to xmega
      - bug #30756: When setting SUT to 64ms on XMEGA, avrdude doesn't
        read device signature
      - bug #37265: wrong page sizes for XMega64xx in avrdude.conf
      - bug #37942: Latest SVN can't program in dragon_jtag mode
      - patch #7876 JTAGICE mkII fails to connect to attiny if debugwire
        is enabled AND target has a very slow clock
      - bug #39893: Verification failure with AVRISPmkII and Xmega
      - bug #38713: Compilation of the documentation breaks with texinfo-5
      - bug #38023: avrdude doesn't return an error code when attempting
        to upload an invalid Intel HEX file
      - bug #39794: warnings when building avrdude 6.0rc1 under CentOS 6.4
      - bug #35800: Compilation error on certain systems if parport is disabled
      - bug #38307: Can't write usersig of an xmega256a3
      - bug #38580: Current svn head, xmega and fuses, all fuses tied to fuse0
      - bug #39691: Buffer overrun when reading EEPROM byte with JTAGICE3
      - bug #38951: AVR109 use byte offset instead of word offset
      - patch #7769: Write flash fails for AVR910 programmers
      - bug #38732: Support for ATtiny1634
      - bug #36901: flashing Atmega32U4 EEPROM produces garbage on chip
      - bug #28344: chip_erase_delay too short for ATmega324P, 644, 644P, and 1284P
      - bug #34277: avrdude reads wrong byte order if using avr911 (aka butterfly)
      - bug #35456: The progress bar for STK500V2 programmer is "wrong".
      - patch #5708: avrdude should make 10 synchronization attempts instead of \ 
just one
      - patch #7606: ATtiny43u support
      - patch #7657: Add ATmega406 support for avrdude using DRAGON + JTAG
      - bug #35474: Feature request: print fuse values in safemode output.
      - patch #7710: usb_libusb: Check VID/PID before opening device
      - [no-id]: Fix SCK period adjustment for STK500v2
      - bug #40040: Support for ATtiny20 and ATtiny40
      - bug #40055: AVRDUDE segfaults when writing eeprom