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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.0.12, Package name: percona-toolkit-3.0.12, Maintainer: msporleder

percona toolkit is a toolkit for mysql.
It was formerly known as maatkit.

Required to run:
[databases/p5-DBD-mysql] [lang/perl5] [shells/bash]

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SHA1: 4cf0519a406ab759f1d8902fa298b4c4ceea6913
RMD160: 0f322694b47432fa7998cd3d1fe434b7013adc16
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   2018-09-17 16:17:20 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
databases/percona-toolkit: Update to 3.0.12.

v3.0.12 released 2018-09-13

- Fixed bug   PT-1611: pt-archiver fails with UTF-8 chars
- Fixed bug   PT-1574: pt-online-schema-change fails on UK and NULLs
- Fixed bug   PT-1572: Better usage of ENUM fields in keys in
- Fixed bug   PT-1422: pt-mysql-summary may get stuck when Time: NULL
  in processlist
- Improvement PT-1321: Add required MySQL privileges to
  pt-online-schema-change documentation

v3.0.11 released 2018-07-06

- Improvement PT-1571 : Improved hostname recognition in
- Fixed bug   PT-1570 : pt-archiver fails to detect columns with the
  word GENERATED as part of the comment
- Improvement PT-1569 : Disabled --alter-foreign-keys-method=drop_swap
  in pt-osc
- Fixed bug   PT-1563 : Fixed pt-show-grants for MySQL 5.6
- Improvement PT-1562 : pt-mysql-summary: Fix mysqld command for
- Fixed bug   PT-1551 : pt-table-checksum fails on MySQL 8.0.11
- Improvement  PT-242 : (pt-stalk) Include SHOW SLAVE STATUS on 5.7
- Fixed bug    PT-241 : (pt-stalk) Slave queries doesn't run on 5.7

v3.0.10 released 2018-05-21

- Fixed bug   PT-1556 : pt-table-checksum 3.0.9 doesn't change
  binlog_format to statement anymore
- Improvement PT-1546 : Improved support of MySQL 8 roles
- Improvement PT-1543 : Encrypted table status query causes high load
  over multiple minutes
- Improvement PT-1536 : Add info about encrypted tablespaces in
- Feature      PT-131 : Make pt-table checksum to disable QRT plugin
- Feature      PT-118 : pt-table-checksum report the number of rows of
  difference between master and slave

v3.0.9 released 2018-04-17

- Feature     PT-1530 : Add support for encryption status to
- Feature     PT-1526 : Add ndb status to pt-mysql-summary
- Feature     PT-1525 : Added support for MySQL 8 roles into
- Feature     PT-1509 : Only set binlog_format when necessary
- Feature     PT-1508 : Adding --read-only-interval flag, and
  read-only check on wake-up
- Improvement PT-1507 : pt-summary does not reliably read in the
  transparent huge pages setting
- New tool    PT-1501 : pt-secure-collect - New tool to collect and
  sanitize pt-tools outputs
- Feature      PT-243 : Adding --max-hostname-length and
  --max-line-length to pt-query-digest

v3.0.8 released 2018-03-13

- Feature     PT-1500 : add --secure-slowlog option to pt-query digest

v3.0.7 released 2018-03-01

- Fixed Bug    PT-244 : pt-online-schema-change --data-dir option
  broken for partitioned table
- Feature      PT-633 : Added --mysql-only option to pt-stalk for RDS
- Fixed bug    PT-1256: pt-table-sync does not use the character set
  for the table it is synchronizing
- Fixed bug    PT-1455: pt-osc is stuck when the table that is being
  altered is filtered out in the slave
- Fixed bug    PT-1485: pt-mysql-summary has broken Security section
  in versions bigger then 5.6
- Fixed bug   PMM-1905: Explain fails if encounters negative
   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2018-02-19 20:22:09 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
databases/percona-toolkit: Update to 3.0.6.

v3.0.6 released 2018-01-04

New Features
- Improve pt-table-sync support for MyRocks
- pt-stalk now checks the RocksDB status
- pt-mysql-summary contains the RocksDB section
- pt-osc shows a message if trying to set the engine to rocksdb and
  binlog_format != row.
- pt-table-checksum skips RocksDB tables.

Known Issues
- The information message implemented for PT-204 has a typo when
  referring to the --ignore-engines parameter. This problem is planned
  to be fixed in the next release.
- It has been detected that the implementation of PT-205 is not
  complete and pt-osc may fail when altering tables. This problem is
  planned to be fixed in the next release.

Bug Fixes
- The general log parser cannot handle timestamps which include time
- pt-online-schema-change does not retry on a deadlock error when
  using Percona Server 5.7
- pt-table-checksum ignores generated columns

v3.0.5 released 2017-11-20

New Features
- Improve MongoDB Profiler for PMM and PT
- The mongodb-query-digest supports MongoDB versions lower than 3.2;
  incorrect output was fixed.
- The pt-summary, pt-mysql-summary, pt-mongodb-summary commands
  provide output in the the JSON format.
- pt-mysql-summary shows the output of the Show Slave Hosts command.
- pt-table-sync supports replication channels (requires MySQL version
  5.7.6 or higher)

Bug fixes
- pt-mext fails if the Rsa_public_key variable is empty.
- pt-mongodb-query-digest --version produced incorrect values.
- pt-online-schema-change incorrectly processed virtual columns.
- pt-online-schema-change command reported an error when the name of
  an index contained ‘unique’ as as the prefix or suffix.
- pt-table-checksum did not detect differences on a system with the
  ROW based replication active.
- pt-onine-schema-change --max-load paused if a status variable was
  passed 0 as the value.
- pt-table-checksum reported a misleading error if a column comment
  contained an apostrophe. For more information, see #1708749.
- In some cases, pt-table-checksum did not report that the same table
  contained different values on the master and slave.
- pt-online-schema-change --alter could fail if field names contained
  upper case characters. For more information, see #1705998.
- In some cases pt-mongodb-query-digest could not connect to a db
  using authentication.
- In some cases, pt-kill could ignore the value of the --busy-time
  parameter. For more information, see #1016272.
- When run with the --skip-check-slave-lag, the pt-table-checksum
  could fail in some cases.

v3.0.4 released 2017-08-02

New Features
- Added collection of information about prepared statements by
  pt-stalk when Performance Schema is enabled. For more information,
- Added the --preserve-triggers option for pt-online-schema-change to
  support AFTER triggers.
- Added --output-format option for pt-mongodb-summary to choose
  between JSON format and the default plain text.
- Added the --output-format=csv parameter for pt-archiver to archive
  rows in CSV format.
- Added the --only-same-schema-fks option for pt-online-schema-change
  to check foreigns keys only on tables with the same schema as the
  original table. This should speed up the tool’s execution, but keep in
  mind that if you have foreign keys referencing tables in other
  schemas, they won’t be detected. For more information, see #1690122.
- Added the --check-unique-key-change option for
  pt-online-schema-change to abort if the specified statement for
--alter is trying to add a unique index. This is supposed to avoid
  adding duplicate keys that might lead to silently losing data.
- Added the --truncate-replicate-table option for pt-table-checksum to
  ensure stale data is removed.

Bug fixes
- Fixed pt-table-checksum to support tables that have columns with
  different collations or charsets. For more information, see
- Fixed primary key handling by pt-archiver. For more information, see
- Limited constraint name in the new table when running
  pt-online-schema-change. For more information, see #1491674.
- Fixed the --no-check-binlog-format option for pt-table-checksum to
  work as expected.
- Fixed the use of uninitialized value in printf() for
  pt-online-schema-change. For more information, see #1693614.
- Fixed pt-table-sync to prevent field type point to be taken as
- Reverted PT-116 to remove the --use-insert-ignore option from
- Fixed the --skip-check-slave-lag feature for pt-table-checksum to
  safely check for undefined values.
- Fixed regression in --check-slave-lag option for
- Fixed regression in --skip-check-slave-lag option for
- Fixed syntax error in pt-online-schema-change.
   2017-08-21 01:54:33 by Johnny C. Lam | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
databases/percona-toolkit: Remove ${WRKDIR} references in scripts.

Several Perl-generated scripts were installed with the interpreter
being in the tools directory.  Use subst.mk to fix the interpreter
path at the head of these scripts.  Add "sh" as a run-time tool
dependency since several of the scripts installed require a POSIX

Bump the PKGREVISION due to changes in the installed scripts.
   2017-06-12 21:32:59 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update databases/percona-toolkit to 3.0.3

- Sandbox won't start correctly if autocommit=0 in my.cnf
- pt-online-schema-change should imply --no-drop-new-table
- Fixed pt-mext not working with not empty Rsa_public_key
- pt-stalk ps include memory usage outputs
- Recognize comments in ALTER
- pt-online-schema change eats data on adding a unique index. Added
- Make DSNs params able to be repeatable
- Made OptionParser to accept repeatable DSNs
- Collect MySQL variables
- Add --skip-check-slave-lag to pt-table-checksum
- Added --skip-check-slave-lag to pt-osc
- Added support for slave status in pt-stalk

- pt-mongodb tools add support for SSL connections
- pt-mongodb-summary Cannot get security settings when connected to a
  mongod instance
- pt-mongodb-query-digest Change the default sort order to -count
- pt-mysql-summary password doesn't support '&' and '#' symbols
- Update Makefile for mongodb tools
- Collect information about locks and transactions using P_S (Thanks
  Agustin Gallego)
- pt-stalk top CPU usage is useless
- Fix pt-mongodb-query-digest query ID (Thanks Kamil Dziedzic)
- pt-online-schema-change makes duplicate rows in _t_new for UPDATE t
  set pk=0 where pk=1
- Fixed PT tests
- pt-table-checksum ignores slave-user and slave-password
- pt-table-checksum fails if a database is dropped while the tool is

- Improved fix (protocol parser fix): error when parsing tcpdump
  capture with pt-query-digest
- pt-osc: Fails with duplicate key in table for self-referencing
  (Thanks Amiel Marqeta)
- pt-summary exists with an error (Thanks Marcelo Altmann)
- pt-mongodb-summary
- pt-mongodb-query-digest

- pt-slave-restart fails on MariaDB 10.0.13 (gtid_mode confusion)
- pt-show-grants fails against MariaDB10+
- pt-query-digest numbers in table or column names converted to
  question marks (--preserve-embedded-numbers)
- pt-online-schema-change misses data.  Fixed sort order for ENUM
- pt-online-schema-change doesn't apply underscores to foreign keys
- pt-upgrade fails with SELECT INTO
- pt-slave-restart --config does not recognize = as separator
- Added pause to NibbleIterator
- --data-dir parameter in order to create the table on a different
- with pt-table-checksum automatically exclude checking schemas named
  percona, percona_schema
- pt-online-schema-change Added --remove-data-dir feature
- Fixed several typos in the doc (Thanks Dario Minnucci)
- Add Transparent huge pages info to pt-summary
- Add Memory management library to pt-mysql-summary
   2016-08-22 11:54:26 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update databases/percona-toolkit to 2.2.19.

- Recheck the list of slaves while OSC runs
- pt-osc should error if server is a slave in row based
- pt-table-checksum should force replica table charset to utf8
- Added --create-table-engine param to pt-heartbeat
- SlowLogParser is able to handle dates in RFC339 format for MySQL
- pt-kill leaks memory each time it kills a query
- Large BLOB/TEXT/BINARY Produces NULL Checksum
- Fixed pt-archiver deletes wrong rows #103
- Added --slave-user and --slave-password to
  pt-online-schema-change & pt-table-sync
- Handle GTID ranges where the left-side integer is larger than 9
- Remove extra word 'default' from the --verbose help
- add enum column type to is_char check so that values are
  properly quoted
   2016-08-09 11:24:04 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update databases/percona-toolkit to 2.2.18.

- pt-stalk now sorts the output of transactions by id
- Added "Shared" memory info to pt-summary
- Added the --no-vertical-format option for pt-query-digest,
  allowing compatibility with non-standard MySQL clients that
  don't support the \G directive at the end of a statement
- Fixed error when parsing tcpdump capture with pt-query-digest
- Improved pt-online-schema-change plugin documentation
- Clarified the description of the --attribute-value-limit option
  for pt-query-digest
- Fixed all PERL-based tools to return a zero exit status when run
  with the --version option
- Fixed error that sometimes prevented to choose the primary key
  as index, when using the -where option for pt-table-checksum
- Fixed the inability of pt-query-digest to parse the general log
  generated by MySQL (and Percona Server) 5.7 instance
- Clarified the description of the --verbose option for
   2016-07-09 08:39:18 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1068) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.24.0 for everything mentioning perl.