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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.0.4, Package name: py27-scons-3.0.4, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

SCons is an Open Source software construction tool--that is, a build tool;
an improved substitute for the classic Make utility; a better way to build

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SHA1: baace01a018ef8a0b0e38b7dbe95369c8f30b56f
RMD160: 9c5b1abeea3a3b1c8afc8d234a6d4418a2bcfe5c
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   2019-03-05 20:30:01 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
scons: updated to 3.0.4

RELEASE 3.0.4:
- Improve finding of Microsoft compiler: add a 'products' wildcard
  in case 2017 Build Tools only is installed as it is considered a separate
  product from the default Visual Studio
- Add TEMPFILESUFFIX to allow a customizable filename extension.
- Improved support for VC14.1 and Visual Studio 2017, as well as arm and arm64 \ 
- Initial support for ARM targets with Visual Studio 2017
- Update TempFileMunge class to use PRINT_CMD_LINE_FUNC
- Enhance cpp scanner regex logic to detect if/elif expressions without \ 
whitespaces but
  parenthesis like "#if(defined FOO)" or "#elif!(BAR)" correctly.

RELEASE 3.0.3:
NOTE: 3.0.2 release was dropped because there was a packaging bug. Please \ 
consider all 3.0.2
- Fixes to packaging logic.  Ensuring the SCons.Tool.clangCommon module is added
  to the release packages.
- Modify scons.bat script to check for scons python script without .py extension \ 
if no file
  scons.py exists. This enables an all platform wheel to work.
- Update doc examples to work with Python 3.5+:  map() now returns an iterable \ 
instead of a list.
   2018-02-02 16:34:38 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
   2017-11-29 10:09:03 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Correct PYPI site address
   2017-11-29 10:07:58 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
scons: updated to 3.0.1

RELEASE 3.0.1:
- Jar can take multiple targets, and will make a duplicate jar from the sources \ 
for each target
- Added some warnings in case the Jar builder makes an implicit target
- Added Jar method and changed jar build to be more specific. Jar method will take in
  directories or classes as source. Added more tests to JAR to ensure the jar was
  packaged with the correct compiled class files.
- Added a No result test case to handle bug which seems unrelated to java in the
  swig-dependencies.py test, more info here: \ 
- Added a travis script to test on ubuntu trusty now that the project is on github
  so that Continuus Integration tests can be run automatically. It tests most \ 
case and considers
  no result a pass as well. Improving this script can install more dependincies \ 
allowing for more
  tests to be run.
- Updated the Jar Builder tool in Tool/__init__.py so that is doesn't force \ 
class files as
  sources, allowing directories to be passed, which was causing test/Java/JAR.py \ 
to fail.
- Fix issue where code in utility routine to_String_for_subst() had code whose \ 
result was never
  properly returned.
  (Found by: James Rinkevich \ 
https://pairlist4.pair.net/pipermail/sc … 06358.html )
- Fixed Variables.GenerateHelpText() to now use the sort parameter. Due to \ 
incorrect 2to3 fixer changes
  8 years ago it was being used as a boolean parameter.  Now you can specify \ 
sort to be a callable, or boolean
  value. (True = normal sort). Manpage also updated.
- Fixed Tool loading logic from exploding sys.path with many \ 
site_scons/site_tools prepended on py3.
- Added additional output with time to process each SConscript file when using \ 
- Fixed a regression in scons-3.0.0 where "from __future__ import \ 
print_function" was imposed
  on the scope where SConstruct is executed, breaking existing builds using PY 2.7.
- Fix broken subst logic where a string with "$$(abc)" was being \ 
treated as "$(abc) and the
  logic for removing the signature escapes was then failing because there was no \ 
closing "$)".
  This was introduced by a pull request to allow recursive variable evaluations \ 
to yield a string
  such as "$( $( some stuff $) $)".
- Fix incorrect warning for repeated identical builder calls that use overrides
   2017-10-04 15:13:59 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
scons: re-limit this to 2.7

builds with 3.6 have even more errors
   2017-10-04 13:52:28 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
scons: Revert limitation to python-2.x, does not help.
   2017-10-04 00:21:10 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
scons: restrict to python-2.x

While scons itself works fine with python-3.x, packages using it provide
SConstruct files, many of which only work with python-2.x since scons
for a long time did that too.
   2017-10-03 13:53:52 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
scons: update to 3.0.0.

RELEASE 3.0.0 - Mon, 18 Sep 2017 08:32:04 -0700

NOTE: This is a major release.  You should expect that some targets
may rebuild when upgrading.  Significant changes in some python
action signatures. Also switching between PY 2.7 and PY 3.5, 3.6
will cause rebuilds.

  From William Blevins:
    - Updated D language scanner support to latest: 2.071.1. (PR #1924)
      https://dlang.org/spec/module.html accessed 11 August 2016
      - Enhancements:
        - Added support for selective imports: "import A : B, C;" -> A
        - Added support for renamed imports. "import B = A;" -> A
        - Supports valid combinations: "import A, B, CCC = C, DDD = D : EEE \ 
= FFF;" -> A, B, C, D
      - Notes:
        - May find new (previously missed) Dlang dependencies.
        - May cause rebuild after upgrade due to dependency changes.
    - Updated Fortran-related tests to pass under GCC 5/6.
    - Fixed SCons.Tool.Packaging.rpm.package source nondeterminism across builds.

  From William Deegan:
    - Removed deprecated tools CVS, Perforce, BitKeeper, RCS, SCCS, Subversion.
    - Removed deprecated module SCons.Sig
    - Added prioritized list of xsltproc tools to docbook. The order will now be as
      follows: xsltproc, saxon, saxon-xslt, xalan  (with first being highest \ 
priority, first
      tool found is used)
    - Fixed MSVSProject example code \ 
    - Defined MS SDK 10.0 and Changed VS 2015 to use SDK 10.0
    - Changes to Action Function and Action Class signiture creation.  NOTE: \ 
This will cause rebuilds
      for many builds when upgrading to SCons 3.0
    - Fixed Bug #3027 - "Cross Compiling issue: cannot override ranlib"
    - Fixed Bug #3020 - "Download link in user guide wrong. python setup.py \ 
install --version-lib broken"
    - Fixed Bug #2486 - Added SetOption('silent',True) - Previously this value \ 
was not allowed to be set.
    - Fixed Bug #3040 - Non-unicode character in CHANGES.txt
    - Fixed Bug #2622 - AlwaysBuild + MSVC regression.
    - Fixed Bug #3025 - (Credit to Florian : User flow86 on tigris) - Fix typo \ 
JAVACLASSSUFIX should have been

  From Ibrahim Esmat:
    - Added the capability to build Windows Store Compatible libraries that can \ 
be used
      with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps and published to the store

  From Daniel Holth:
    - Add basic support for PyPy (by deleting __slots__ from Node with a
      metaclass on PyPy); wrap most-used open() calls in 'with' statements to
      avoid too many open files.
    - Add __main__.py for `python -m SCons` in case it is on PYTHONPATH.
    - Always use highest available pickle protocol for efficiency.
    - Remove unused command line fallback for the zip tool.

  From Gaurav Juvekar:
    - Fix issue #2832: Expand construction variables in 'chdir' argument of \ 
builders. (PR #463)
    - Fix issue #2910: Make --tree=all handle Unicode. (PR #427)
    - Fix issue #2788: Fix typo in documentation example for sconf. (PR #388)

  From Alexey Klimkin:
    - Use memoization to optimize PATH evaluation across all dependencies per
      node. (PR #345)
    - Use set() where it is applicable (PR #344)

  From M. Limber:
    - Fixed msvs.py for Visual Studio Express editions that would report
      "Error  : ValueError: invalid literal for float(): 10.0Exp".

  From Rick Lupton:
    - Update LaTeX scanner to understand \import and related commands

  From Steve Robinson:
    - Add support for Visual Studio 2017.  This support requires vswhere.exe a helper
      tool installed with newer installs of 2017. SCons expects it to be located at
      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual \ 
      It can be downloaded separately at

  From Tom Tanner:
    - Allow nested $( ... $) sections

  From Paweł Tomulik:
    - Fixed the issue with LDMODULEVERSIONFLAGS reported by Tim Jenness
      (https://pairlist4.pair.net/pipermail/sc … 04893.html).
      An error was causing "-Wl,Bsymbolic" being added to linker's \ 
      even when there was no specified value in LDMODULEVERSION and thus no
      need for the flags to be specified.
    - Added LoadableModule to the list of global functions (DefaultEnvironment

  From Manish Vachharajani:
    - Update debian rules, compat, and control to not use features
      deprecated or obsolete in later versions of debhelpers
    - Update python version to 2.7 in debian/control

  From Richard Viney:
    - Fixed PCHPDBFLAGS causing a deprecation warning on MSVC v8 and later when
      using PCHs and PDBs together.

  From Richard West:
    - Added nested / namespace tool support
    - Added a small fix to the python3 tool loader when loading a tool as a package
    - Added additional documentation to the user manual on using toolpaths with \ 
the environment
      This includes the use of sys.path to search for tools installed via pip or \ 
package managers
    - Added support for a PyPackageDir function for use with the toolpath

  From Russel Winder:
    - Reordered the default D tools from "dmd, gdc, ldc" to "dmd, \ 
ldc, gdc".
    - Add a ProgramAllAtOnce builder to the dmd, ldc, and gdc tools. (PR #448)
    - Remove a file name exception for very old Fedora LDC installation.
    - gdc can now handle building shared objects (tested for version 6.3.0).
    - Remove establishing the SharedLibrary builder in the dmd, ldc, and gdc
      tools, must now include the ar tool to get this builder as is required for
      other compiler tools.
    - Add clang and clang++ tools based on Paweł Tomulik's work.