Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/mairix
From: Antoine Reilles
Date: 2007-06-12 17:23:48
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Log Message:
Update mail/mairix to 0.20 (ok simonb@)

Version 0.20 	20 March 2007
    * Cache uncompressed mbox data (Chris Mason, further work by me)
    * Fix gaps in date ranges for search
    * Unlock database if mairix is interrupted (Paul Fox)
    * Add fast index option (-F)
    * Fix conditional compilation errors for compressed mbox
    * Reimplement MIME header parsing
    * Add capability to search on names of attachments
    * Add capability to search on state of message flags
    * Create maildir-format mfolder filenames correctly with regard to flags
    * Various bug fixes (Oliver Braun, Matthias Teege)
Version 0.19 	15 July 2006
    * mairix.spec fixes (André Costa)
    * bug fix: freeing of message structures (Karsten Petersen)
    * Add new -x (--excerpt-output) option, an alternative mode for searching. \ 
This displays the key headers from the matching messages on stdout.
    * Add notes about the mairix-users mailing list and the SourceForge page to \ 
    * Fix configuration + compilation to allow building with gzip support but \ 
without bzlib support.
    * Rename internal functions like zopen() to avoid name conflicts on MacOS X. \ 
(Vincent Lefevre)
    * Remove a spurious ; in bison input file (Vincent Lefevre)
    * Improve output given in various error conditions (based on patch by \ 
Karsten Petersen)
Version 0.18 	10 March 2006
    * Support bzip2'd mbox folders
    * Fix bugs in parsing mbox folders containing unquoted 'From ' lines inside \ 
MIME body parts
    * Fix bug in parsing content-type data containing quotes with whitespace before
    * Clone the message flags (when both the source folder and mfolder are both \ 
of maildir type)
    * New manpages mairix.1 and mairixrc.5 are included, and the old \ 
texinfo-based documentation is deprecated into the old_docs/ directory.
    * Upgrade scanners to new version of dfasyn
    * Support Mew's MH folder subtype
Version 0.17.1 	16 December 2005
    * Fix detection of MH folder subtype used by nnml (Gnus)
    * Fix filename format generated in the /cur/ directory for maildir mfolders.
    * Syntax fix in configure script
Version 0.17 	14 November 2005
    * Support gzipped mbox folders (any file matched by a mbox= line in the \ 
config file is considered as a gzipped mbox if its name ends in .gz)
    * Rework directory traversal for the '...' construct to speed up indexing \ 
and the check that mfolder isn't going to overwrite a real folder when \ 
    * Check whether database exists before attempting to do searching.
    * Matched new maildir messages go in /new/ subdirectory of maildir mfolder.
    * Fix lots of compiler warnings generated by gcc4.x
    * Don't create and immediately scrub database entries for empty mbox folders.
    * Fix usage() info for bare word in searching
    * Allow '.' on the ends of numeric filenames in MH folders (to work with \ 
    * Update .PHONY target so that 'make install' etc are more reliable.
    * Add --version switch
    * Fix bug with size argument passed to memset
    * Add X-source-folder header to indicate the original folder of a match \ 
found in an mbox.